A post-script on developments in USA v Moultrie

I thought commenter Mktgpro and others would be interested in knowing that in addition to all the plea documents filed yesterday, Moultrie’s defense filed this Motion to withdraw their Motion to Strike grand jury testimony.

Defendants Facility Holding Corp., d/b/a The Facility Group, Facility Management Group, Inc., Facility Construction Management, Inc., and Facility Design Group, Inc. (collectively “TFG”) hereby withdraw their Emergency Motion to Strike Pleadings Containing Grand Jury Testimony Based Upon Violation of Rule 6(e) (Document # 160) and request that the Court strike the motion from the pleadings.

The motion speaks for itself but feel free, as always, to comment.

8 thoughts on “A post-script on developments in USA v Moultrie”

  1. sop, so this means that he is dropping the motion to squash the grand jury.

    So is Sean, Robin Williams, Purdy and others going to be testifying?

    Or is this all Moultrie will be guilty of – the 1 indictment

  2. No they won’t be testifying. According to the Atlanta newspaper the others will be filing their pleas soon too.

    If I had to guess I suspect Mr Moultrie and his lawyers have been telling the feds quite a story – about Mississippi’s own toe sucking, state board appointment selling senatorial candidate Ronnie Musgrove.


  3. Thanks Mr Mktgpro. We saw yesterday’s but didn’t link it. Today’s has some other stuff that would be of interest to some of our Georgia based readers.


  4. Well, the thing that has me scratching my head is that Musgrove asked for the money and yet there has been no conversation about extortion under color of official right.

    If what they did was put a down payment on goodwill, then you have to wonder how many people answered Musgrove’s call to give again with similar expectations.

  5. sop and nowdoucit ,

    miss seeing the breaking news. will keep my eyes on Slabbed for any breaking news on Musgrove and the innocent people of Mississippi

  6. Thanks Citizen. I have one more TFG post planned but lack the time right now.

    This isn’t over for Ronnie Musgrove. The Government investigation continues thus the news cycle hasn’t played out. We certainly haven’t finished exploring this here on slabbed either.


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