Forensics reaches settlement with McIntosh – Motion to dimiss filed

My computer locked right after I pulled up the docket and saw McIntosh attorney Tina Nicholson had entered a Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice – and all those hours I was waiting for it to get over its spell and cough up the document, I wondered dismissed what.

Now, I know: McIntosh finalized settlement with Forensic Engineering:

Plaintiffs have reached an amicable resolution to their dispute in accordance with the Notice of Settlement filed on November 9, 2007 [Doc. 797]. WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, Plaintiffs respectfully request that the Court enter an Order dismissing this cause and all its claims against Defendant, Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corp., with prejudice.

The November 9, 2007 Notice of Pending Settlement provides more background:

1) Plaintiffs have negotiated a settlement with FAEC in this instant litigation.

2) The settlement includes a full and complete dismissal of FAEC from this instant litigation with prejudice; a dismissal will be filed after the settlement is finalized.

3) In furtherance of this settlement, Plaintiffs, FAEC and non-party movant, Nellie Williams, have withdrawn all pending motions between them [795] and have asked this Court to abate is Order relative to Ms. Williams [796].

The length of time between the notice filed by Sid Backstrom and the settlement filed today was largely spent with McIntosh riding the lawyer merry-go-round until Ms. Nicholson’s appearance on their behalf after the KLG disqualification.

Anyone who read her recent letter to Judge Walker knows she’s not one you keep waiting – not in Oxford, for sure, or anywhere else for that matter.

Next? Better get in line.

4 thoughts on “Forensics reaches settlement with McIntosh – Motion to dimiss filed”

  1. This is big IMHO. The information recovered from Nellie William’s hard drive is as damning against State Farm than anything the Rigsby sisters uncovered.


  2. Probably right Rick but I bet everyone “behaved”. Ms. Nicholson seems to run a very tight ship – bet it didn’t take two days either!

  3. This deal was announced before Dickie Scruggs got in trouble. For whatever reason it took all this time to get it before the court. At the time it was portayed as Forensics covering their rear ends.


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