Getting there from here – the future of the Coast

Stuck in rebuilding, we don’t often think about, much less see, the renewal of the Coast to come. The new

First Baptist Church Gulfport post-Katrina location
First Baptist Church Gulfport post-Katrina location

location of the First Baptist Church of Gulfport is a stake-in-the-ground marking future growth – and these pictures show there’s plenty of room for the rooptops and grocery stores that are certain to follow.

This is the only “development” I saw from the time I left Highway # 49 and headed into the Coast taking #67(AKA “the new road”) to I-10. I took two other shots that show all the “growing room” around the church that extends further than either the eye or the camera can see. Continue reading “Getting there from here – the future of the Coast”

The Times Picayune Editorializes on Jamie Perdigao and Ronald Sholes

The Perdigao saga is a story that won’t away. In fact, though his ass is still in a very large crack, we’ll give Perdigao round 1. The topic today is Ronald Sholes and we’ll start with T-P institution James Gill and his take on Perdigao and problems at the NOLA traffic court:

A state district judge looking to better himself would not, in most jurisdictions, seek a seat on a city court.

But New Orleans has a great judicial racket going that makes what would elsewhere be a demotion a coveted move.

When Ron Sholes, then a Civil District Court Judge, decided to run for Traffic Court 10 years ago, he acknowledged that he was doing it for the money.

Sure he would suffer a 20 percent cut in salary. But Traffic Court judges work half a day — unless they don’t feel like turning up at all — and are free to maintain a law practice at the same time. Continue reading “The Times Picayune Editorializes on Jamie Perdigao and Ronald Sholes”

Like buckin' fuzzards, State Farm goes after Rigsby qui tam

Like a Good Neighbor
Like a Good Neighbor? H/T New Orelans News Ladder

State Farm’s team of buckin’ fuzzards swooped down from the perch in their poisonous tree leaving droppings at McIntosh in their search for qui tam carrion – buteo buteo too blind to see.

The thing they keep forgetting when they wear out the Rigby sisters and Scruggs for purloining all of the fraudulent and altered engineering reports from them, is that every time they do it, they are underlining the fact that fraudulent and altered engineering reports do exist and that they can be found at State Farm and its contracted companies.

Buckin’ fuzzards seeking an expeditious and final end to the quest for justice of qui tam Realtors – filing a response in opposition and calling the evidence collected on behalf of the American people poisonous fruit

So as to prevent any misunderstanding as to what State Farm means herein by “stolen” documents, materials, information or ESI, State Farms means any of the foregoing that were obtained by the Rigsbys or their agents by any means other than through normal civil discovery in an action in which the Rigsbys are parties.

when clearly they know it is not:

The doctrine is subject to three main exceptions. The tainted evidence will be admissible if (1) it was discovered in part as a result of an independent, untainted source; (2) it would inevitably have been discovered despite the tainted source; or Continue reading “Like buckin' fuzzards, State Farm goes after Rigsby qui tam”

A New Filing in USA v Perdigao

I hope our Georgia based Beef Plant readers take a few minutes to check out the two cases we are following at Slabbed involving Jamie Perdigao. This one has all the ingredients for a spicy bowl of homemade Louisiana seafood gumbo in a large very well connected insurance defense law firm, Edwin Edwards, the man who helped put Edwards behind bars current NOLA USA Jim Letten, plus disgraced former insurance commissioners George Dale and Robert Wooley.

Considering the hour I’m writing this I’m not up to recapping but those interested can start here, check some press coverage here, here, and here. My favorite Nowdy post on the topic is here. You can find all our posts on this case by typing Perdigao in our search box.

Here is the link to the order granting a continuance of hearing date.