Slabbed Gets a Mention in a Moultrie Motion to Strike (Updated)

We started the week on the front page of the New Orleans Times Picayune and a mention on Jim Brown’s radio show. We end the week with our name appearing in this Team Moultrie defense motion to strike along side our friend Alan Lange’s site Yall Politics (H/T to Yall for the Motion). Team Moultrie is concerned the Government’s PACER appitizers are spoiling the upcoming steak dinner, especially the part about what Robin Williams told the grand jury:

Not surprisingly, one of the blogs following this case already has picked up and broadcast for anyone to read “more about which TFG employee will be singing on the stand and what he already told the grand jury. . . .” See (“Give Us This Day Our Daily” Beef, posted 8/6/08). Similarly, another blog notes that “Things [are] looking much murkier for Ronnie Musgrove in the Beef Plant case” and proceeds to recite the grand jury testimony as well. See (posted 8/7/08). Continue reading “Slabbed Gets a Mention in a Moultrie Motion to Strike (Updated)”

Insurance Commissioners v Jim Hood Part Deux. Trumpet Sham Mediation, Forget About Woullard

My fellow slabbers we passed through the looking glass into wonderland yesterday as today’s Anita Lee report in the Sun Herald indicates.

This is manna from heaven for the slabbed as we finally have received a chance to set the record straight and to that extent we are grateful Mike Chaney is willing to insert his foot into his mouth so the story keeps churning. Our readers no doubt remember Mr Chaney’s declaration our wind insurance premiums are at nearly pre Katrina levels in the process confirming our suspicions he secretly visits the lemonade spring.

Nowdy’s excellent post yesterday gave a good account of the events surrounding the current controversy between Attorney General Hood and disgraced former insurance commissioner George Dale and his successor Mike Chaney. The short version of the story is that Dickie Scruggs and his Scruggs Katrina Group tried to work out a global settlement with State Farm for the remainder of the Katrina claims. State Farm wanted Jim Hood, whose office had open criminal and civil cases against them included so they could have a global solution to their legal problems in Mississippi. They hammered out an agreement which became known as Woullard after the case Woullard v State Farm. Jim Hood memorialized the Woullard settlement in his state court case, dropped his criminal investigation while the Farm and Dickie Scruggs presented their agreement to US District Court Judge Lt Senter for his approval. Continue reading “Insurance Commissioners v Jim Hood Part Deux. Trumpet Sham Mediation, Forget About Woullard”

Calendar page? Maybe so – Shows and Rigsby qui tam scheduling now

Where shall we put the tree, Sop? How about it, Bellesouth, should we hang stockings? Guess you can tell It looks as if we’re going to be here a while. There’s so much work to be done on these cases and not nearly as much time as one would think is needed. In fact, as I read the two scheduling orders, I began to think that those who work in the Southern District Court must feel like they’re working the only open register at Wal-Mart on a Friday night – the one with a line that goes all the way to the back of the store.

Shows, the Katrina RICO case, and Rigsby, the qui tam, are big cases in every way and both have new counsel that must be working round the clock.

Magistrate Judge Anderson, who keeps cases moving for Judge Barbour, issued her second amended case management and scheduling order with two more to come as Provost Umphrey files motions to sever Plaintiffs that retained other counsel after the Katrina Litigation Group was disqualified and adds new Plaintiffs representing approximately 22 properties insured by State Farm.

Judge Senter does his own scheduling and it’s hard not to smile at the thought as you read his Rigsby qui tam scheduling order. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the new legal team for the Rigsby sisters all goes out and buys new running shoes this weekend. Continue reading “Calendar page? Maybe so – Shows and Rigsby qui tam scheduling now”