Now This Baby is the Entire Slab of Beef

Today Greenlee’s office filed this whopper of a legal pleading with the court, 322 pages-11 MB’s worth of lip smacking palate pleasing Mississippi beef. Greenlee doesn’t start off the feed with a stinking frue-frilly appetizer either. Check out this sizzle on page 1 in the footnotes:

(1) Employees of The Facility Group have admitted The Facility Group overbilled the number of hours the employees worked; (2) False time sheets were discovered, which evidenced The Facility Group cooked the books to back up the false hours; (3) The Facility Group, through Charles K. Morehead, inflated hours to recover money spent by Moultrie, Cawood and The Facility Group on campaign contributions to a public official, and then fraudulently submitted invoices containing the false hours to the State of Mississippi, the Bank and Mississippi Beef Processors, LLC; (4) Defendant, President of The Facility Group, Nixon E. Cawood directed an employee to “get it all”, relating to accounting monies, and Vice-President of the Project Quality Management Group, Charles K. Morehead, assisted the employee in preparing a schedule containing false accounting hours;

All I can say is there is too much here for one blogger to digest. Yall have it and post your thoughts pro and con.


6 thoughts on “Now This Baby is the Entire Slab of Beef”

  1. There is alot of material in that filing. You know NMC is working his tail off after all these recent prosecution answers. Plus there is the upcomig Daubert hearing.


  2. sop,

    what is a Daubert Hearing? And how does this affect the trial on Robert Moultrie and Gang.

    Also, interesting reading on Robin Williams. He is an ex state Legislature here in Georgia and was indicted last year in Augusta. Also interesting, that the recently resignation of the Ways and Means State Legislature, Earl Ehrhart from Facility Group, is good friends to Robin Williams.

    Wonder when the legs of this monster will surround Ways and Means Erhart?

  3. A Daubert Hearing is a type of pre trial evidencary hearing used in federal courts. Type in in our search box and you’ll find some posts on a Daubert Hearing that was conducted a few months back. HD I don’t know the exact date. Perhaps Nowdy can look it up later.

    In my non lawyerly opinion it won’t impact the trial per se but will give defense council a better idea of what the Government intends to put on for their case.


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