It Seems Rafael Got Another Piece of Mail from Jamie Perdigao

Rafael Goyeneche of the Metropolitan Crime Commission that is. Thanks to a reader, we have a second Perdigao complaint to the MCC that was sent around a week or so after the first one on traffic court judge and Adams and Reese Partner Ronald Sholes. This one involved another Adams and Reese partner Donald C Massey, who according to Mr Perdigao would sit in for Mr Sholes as Judge Pro Tempore to keep the Adams and Reese ticket fixing machine going:

Pauline Warriner and I recently filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of James Perdigao (Civil Action No. 08-3570, U.S.D.C.-E.D.LA) in which Mr. Perdigao alleges, inter alia, certain wrongful and improper “fixing” of traffic tickets by Hon. Ronald J. Sholes, Section D of New Orleans Traffic Court. The complaint also alleges that because Adams and Reese, L.L.P became so dependent on this method of resolving traffic citations, it put forward another partner to serve as judge for Section D on those days which Judge Sholes could not sit on the bench. Although the lawsuit alleges this partner served as Ad Hoc Judge, we now understand that this partner, Donald C. Massey, served in Judge Sholes’ absence as Judge Pro Tempore. On behalf of Mr. Perdigao, this letter is to request that your office investigate this matter as a potential violation of the judicial canons by Judge Massey. You may recall that on June 10, 2008, I requested a similar investigation on behalf of Mr. Perdigao for Judge Sholes.

We are enclosing documentation of several traffic tickets which we believe were improperly handled by Judge Massey while he was serving as traffic court judge pro tempore and also as a lawyer for the firm of Adams and Reese. Additional information and documentation is available upon request. Furthermore, although the complaint I filed on behalf of Mr. Perdigao for Judge Sholes did not mention this, we believe both of these judges improperly engaged in ex parte communications with individuals concerning the disposition of these traffic citations outside the presence of the Assistant City Attorney for New Orleans assigned to traffic court.

Here is a copy of the second complaint on Massey (approximately 2mb). Like the one on Sholes we removed pages containing personal information but we do have copies of the tickets we were furnished on file here at slabbed. Given the timing of this second complaint and yesterday’s Times Picyune story certainly Mr Goyeneche was also refering to Mr Massey when he was quoted saying:

Rafael Goyeneche, president of the crime commission, said he forwarded the documents to several investigatory agencies.

“Our opinion is that someone with subpoena power needs to investigate,” Goyeneche said.

It appears the original federal investigation into the New Ortleans traffic court missed the source of the “low level rot” there. Sure Judge Sholes niece was served up quickly along with a few others but the worst perpetrators in ticket fixing may well have been overlooked. Are current Adams and Reese partners above the law, or is there another reason Jim Letten turned a blind eye to the totality of the problems of officially sanctioned ticket fixing in New Orleans.

What does this say about Jamie Perdigao? He has levied specific allegations of wrongdoing at Adams and Reese including their relationship with former Louisiana Insurance Commissioner and current employee Robert Wooley and says he has more proof. Based on what he has made public not only do I believe that but I’m really beginning to wonder if he isn’t being railroaded like he claims as well.


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  1. I wonder who appointed Don Massey Judge Pro Tempore — do we have Justice Calegaro accommodating Adams and Reese attorneys.

    (b) Whenever it is necessary for a judge of a city, municipal, traffic, parish, juvenile or family court to be absent temporarily from his duties, the judge shall make a diligent effort to secure the services of a retired or sitting judge as a temporary replacement. If no retired or sitting judge is available to serve, the judge may appoint an attorney from a list of qualified attorneys which has been compiled and approved by the judges of his court and has been provided to and approved for such appointments by the supreme court under the procedure specified hereinafter.

  2. Interesting question Sally. I wonder how much oversight the Supreme Court gives on low level Judges? Doesn’t sound like much.


  3. Well, if Justice Calogero is not signing off on the pro tempore — who is?

    e) The order of appointment (Attachment C) shall contain in detail the specific reason that the appointment is necessary, a statement that the appointing judge has complied with the requirements of paragraph (b) of this Section relating to priority of appointment, and, if an attorney is appointed, a copy of Attachment B executed by the attorney. The order of appointment shall be approved by the supreme court and it shall be received in the supreme court at least three judicial days prior to the date upon which the appointee is to serve (except in cases of a bona fide emergency). The order of appointment shall be entered into the minutes of the court, and a copy thereof and a copy of Attachment B executed by the attorney shall be furnished to the judicial administrator of the supreme court.

  4. How is Judge Sholes over at Traffic Court everyday if he practices law at Adams and Reese? Maybe he is conducting trials from his bench at Adams and Reese.

    If the Supreme Court is going to sign off on a pro tempore for traffic court — wouldn’t they want to know any record of past traffic violations of your appointee.

  5. “Maybe he is conducting trials from his bench at Adams and Reese” – based on the fax of the case, you think, Sally?

    Perdigao’s attorney indicated they had more evidence and Sholes said as much himself…we may be talking a couple of thousand people here, you think. Big money when it’s totaled.

  6. The whole thing is so strange — it is New Orleans strange. How Letten could not act when that was handed to him is incomprehensible.

    I don’t know how Don Massey was appointed judge pro tempore. Am I supposed to believe it isn’t strange. Am I supposed to believe it is all a coincidence.

    Adams and Reese has a ticket fixing enterprise operating from their offices.

  7. Seems that way, Sally, and the strange thing is that the money involved is an actual cash loss to the city of New Orleans – makes it a real “let them eat cake” enterprise.

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