Trip to Ground Zero starts with flat tire but after that…

I had nothing but good luck after starting my trip down to Ground Zero with flat tire – or rather delaying my departure a day due to flat tire.  By the time I caught up with Sop the next day, I was in a much better frame of mind and meeting his family put me over the top.  Our Sop may have been slabbed by Katrina but having the greatest kid and prettiest, sweetest wife in the world, along with a super group of friends, had to have gone a long way in easing the loss – they definitely made me forget my flat until I sat down to write this post and officially check in.

You’ll hear a lot more about my trip and, if I don’t screw up the download, you’ll see the pictures.  Between now and the 3rd anniversary of Katrina later this month, I’ll slip in a post every now and then.  Believe me, there’s much to report.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Ground Zero starts with flat tire but after that…”

  1. I enjoyed meeting Nowdy. Your a great lady to do so much for us down here on the Coast. Look forward to reading about your trip. Come back again soon.

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