Trip to Ground Zero starts with flat tire but after that…

I had nothing but good luck after starting my trip down to Ground Zero with flat tire – or rather delaying my departure a day due to flat tire.  By the time I caught up with Sop the next day, I was in a much better frame of mind and meeting his family put me over the top.  Our Sop may have been slabbed by Katrina but having the greatest kid and prettiest, sweetest wife in the world, along with a super group of friends, had to have gone a long way in easing the loss – they definitely made me forget my flat until I sat down to write this post and officially check in.

You’ll hear a lot more about my trip and, if I don’t screw up the download, you’ll see the pictures.  Between now and the 3rd anniversary of Katrina later this month, I’ll slip in a post every now and then.  Believe me, there’s much to report.

Qui Tam Catch-up

Sop introduced Gilbert Randolph, the new firm representing the Rigsby sisters, in a post earlier this week and yesterday’s docket report showed the sisters have really lawyered up – Benjamin Davidson, Craig Litherland, and August Matteis have been granted their motion to appear Pro Hac Vice. Read their bios, they appear to be a formidable group.

It didn’t take State Farm long to welcome the new lawyers with a 14-page Attachment plus 15 exhibits, largely old news stories, to their Motion to Dismiss – a whopping 405 total pages of allegations.

In further evidentiary support of its Motion to Dismiss, State Farm supplements the record with newly discovered evidence…

I have no doubt the three new attorneys and the Gilbert Randolph law firm will be able play catch-up real quick. Prior to joining Gilbert Randolph LLP in 2001, Mr. Matteis was an associate in the Washington, D.C. office of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, the “legal arm” of State Farm.

In a July 25, 2008 Order ([194]), this Court extended the Rigsbys’ deadline to retain new counsel until September 5, 2008. In a text-only Order that same day, the Court further suspended the Rigsbys’ deadline to respond to all pending motions, until further order of the Court.

So, the wheels are back on in the qui tam case. Look for skid marks and road rage.

The Times Picayune Weighs on Sholes and Ex Parte Communication. Slabbed Gets a Front Page Hat Tip.

Gorden Russell at the Times Picayune filed a lengthy story today on insurance defense firm Adams and Reese traffic ticket fixing division headed up by A&R Partner and New Orleans traffic court judge Ronald Sholes. The allegations and related evidence in support of are old hat for our regular readers on this topic that come visit us in great number on occasion. We welcome you guys back with us today.

To catch our new readers up Jamie Perdigao was a partner at Adams and Reese who had a client by the name of Robert Guidry. He claims Guidry bribed US Representative Dollar Bill Jefferson to intercede on his behalf with Eddie Jordan to save his Treasure Chest Casino from the feds in the Edwin Edwards prosecution. As T-P columnist James Gill well sums up in his column found here, Guidry ended up with a very sweet deal.

Mr Perdigao is sharing these allegations publicly because he is currently now under federal indictment for allegedly bilking Adams and Reese out of 30 million dollars. He worked with and cooperated for a time with current US Attorney and former Eddie Jordan #2 Jim Letten after he was indicted but the relationship fell apart over the Guidry allegations according to Mr Perdigao. Mr Letten, of course would have detailed knowledge of the Edwards prosecution.

And back to the 30 million dollars Mr Perdigao allegedly stole from Adams and Reese for a minute. It seems they do not want it back instead allowing Letten and Company to hang on to it. Frankly the more we found out the more this entire affair reminded us slabbers of the smell of a rotting garfish. In any event Mr Perdigao has maintained all along he has proof of his many allegations including those featured in today’s front page T-P story and IMHO he has delivered on Ronald Sholes.

Interest of justice Jim Letten needs to step aside in USA v Perdigao. Continue reading “The Times Picayune Weighs on Sholes and Ex Parte Communication. Slabbed Gets a Front Page Hat Tip.”