A Few Odds and Ends From the Heart of the GO Zone

I saw our friend Steve stopped by last night leaving this comment in response to Alan’s link and Yallpolitics thread on the suggested movie stars for Katrina the Movie. Not wanting to leave the cast short handed Steve suggested Meatloaf play Edward Rust.
I gotta say there is a resemblance there.   Check out this picture of Mr Rust to the one Steve linked of Meatloaf. Perhaps instead of Katrina the Movie we could have a musical and call it Katrina the Musical.  Meatloaf, playing Ed Rust could sing his way through the various and sometimes strange events that have at times lent a Kafkaesque quality to our existence here in the GO Zone post Katrina.

The cast is still short however, as we need actors for State Farm employees like Mr Drain and Ms King. While we and our readers think of the players that are missing might I be so bold as to suggest Robin Williams play Lecky King?   As this picture of Williams portraying the Mrs Euphegenia Doubtfire clearly illustrates there a big time resemblance between Mr Williams and Ms King. Darken the hair and make the lenses round and I think it’s a dead ringer myself.

Next up is today’s news which is really the day before yesterdays news here at slabbed with Dickie Scruggs taking the 5th amendment to such illuminating State Farm depo questions as how many times did you beat Mrs Scruggs yesterday? What captured the attention of Anita Lee was State Farm adding in the implication Trent Lott and Gene Taylor were co conspirators with Dickie Scruggs in fabricating the entire concept of claims dumping. While we wait for the howls of laughter among the slabbed to subside here is an excerpt from the story that tells the tale:

State Farm attorney James Robie’s questions often implied the answers. At one point, he asked Dickie Scruggs: “You had a strategy to find an insider to steal documents, a strategy to use the legislature, a strategy to use the judicial officers of Mississippi, and a strategy to use the press in order to put State Farm into an extremely uncomfortable position and pay you money; isn’t that a fact?”

Robie, a Los Angeles attorney, also grilled Dickie Scruggs about an e-mail indicating he supplied sealed court documents, which are strictly withheld from public view, to CBS news. And Robie asked both Scruggses about Dickie Scruggs’ brother-in-law, former U.S. Sen. Trent Lott.

Robie implied that the two adjusters tried to check on Lott’s State Farm claim, at Scruggs urging, and asked Zach Scruggs if Lott had tried to encourage witnesses to offer false information against State Farm.

Such is the heart of the fanciful tale State Farm, with the help of shills like Dunn Carney partner David Rossmiller, is trying to build. Ostensibly according to this latest State Farm explanation Dickie Scruggs was using hypnosis on Lecky King and had her order duplicate engineering reports and threaten to fire engineers that found wind damage. He also made certain she dressed badly and out of style everyday too but I’d hate to spoil Tammy Hardison’s deposition for those readers that have not seen it yet.

The problem with all of this is State Farm’s own documents and internal emails which they really don’t want to talk about. For those who actually live here and know the events this latest State Farm effort to make Scruggs a boogie man is beyond preposterous. After all don’t we all know at least one person who was claim dumped? I know too many to count.


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  1. Glad to read a site that gets it. Keep up the great work. When the history of Katrina is studied by students in the future this site will be part of the course of study. Never before have hurricane victims, insurance industry employees, members of congressional staff, lawyers of both persuasion etc all gather together to hash out such an important social issue. Historical in its coverage and ground breaking in its structure that’s what slabbed has become.

  2. Yes indeed this site gets it. I am sure we both know Bayrat as its a local nic name given to those who hail from Gene Taylors hometown Bay St. Louis. Though I doubt it is Gene himself.

    What people need to get for sure is that when Katrina went through Hancock County it ensured that insurance reform would also go through Hancock County as well. Katrina in essence made us the battle ground for insurance reform for the industry and now for congress. Sadly our people have suffered greatly due to being both the site of the nations worst natural disaster and the site of the nations CAT insurance reform battle ground.

    The industry was able to plan for Katrina’s political aftermath long before the storm even formed. This is due in part to their ability to not conform to the federal anti-trust laws. This is their strength in terms of politcal action.

    The taxpayers and consumers are having to play catch-up so to say with the better funded and the better organized insurance industry. This site gets its. It also gives the public an opportunity to engage in the insurance reform debate on a level where even the Speaker of the House is impacted DIRECTLY. Keep it up guys. The industry really has problems engaging in open dialogue with customers and taxpayers- like they have to do here. Thanks for the great site guys.

  3. You’re welcome Steve. I think Gene has more important things to do than comment here.

    FYI ppl are discovering slabbed and you from this past spring today. Looking back that time was crucial for kickstarting the much needed political coversation we are seeing today.


  4. “Looking back that time was crucial for kickstarting the much needed political coversation we are seeing today. ” SOP

    Well this is the heart of the matter in one succent sentence. It is the end game for the industry, consumers and tax payers alike. Again this industry is unique in that it can coordinate and plan ahead for such political events—

    Quote from CEO’s Rust and Jorgenson at the 2003 III convention.

    Mr. Rust: Ed, if I might just as you raise that issue looking at what might be a motivation, you know, I

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