A Few Odds and Ends From the Heart of the GO Zone

I saw our friend Steve stopped by last night leaving this comment in response to Alan’s link and Yallpolitics thread on the suggested movie stars for Katrina the Movie. Not wanting to leave the cast short handed Steve suggested Meatloaf play Edward Rust.
I gotta say there is a resemblance there.   Check out this picture of Mr Rust to the one Steve linked of Meatloaf. Perhaps instead of Katrina the Movie we could have a musical and call it Katrina the Musical.  Meatloaf, playing Ed Rust could sing his way through the various and sometimes strange events that have at times lent a Kafkaesque quality to our existence here in the GO Zone post Katrina.

The cast is still short however, as we need actors for State Farm employees like Mr Drain and Ms King. Continue reading “A Few Odds and Ends From the Heart of the GO Zone”

New orders issued in USA v Moultrie

Magistrate Judge Alexandar issued three orders today in preparation for next month’s trial of USA v Moultrie – all fall under what I’d call “housekeeping” and I’m going to summarize rather than link.

  • Granted in part. Motion from Carothers to increase the number of pages in memorandum of law granted from 35 to 43 pages, not the 50 requested.
  • Granted. Motion from USA for extension of deadline to respond to motions with deadline set on or before 12pm on the 5th of August.
  • Granted. Motion from Moultrie to join motions four motions, including, the motion to dismiss count one. Use these numbers to identify the motions involved on USA v Moultrie under legal in the left side bar (124, 125, 126, and 127)

The absence of motions in opposition is noteworthy – so rarely do we see those in adversarial positions making nice and accommodating the needs of others without a hidden agenda.

Rarer still, much to my amazement, is Judge Alexander’s even tone. Continue reading “New orders issued in USA v Moultrie”