Judge Acker grants Scruggs motion to release security to satisfy judgment begrudgingly

Judge Acker issued his Memorandum and Opinion today on Scruggs’s motion to release the cash “deposited with the Clerk as security pending appeal to E.A. Renfroe & Co. Inc. in satisfaction of the civil contempt sanctions entered against Scruggs and the defendants.”  Also, the Rigsbys have filed a motion for a mediation order, today as well.  Busy day in Alabama.  The motion for a mediation order was suggested by the judge on Monday. The Rigsbys took him up on the offer.

I suspected that Judge Acker was waiting on issuing his order on Scruggs’s motion because he was going to have to do something reasonable but didn’t really want to.  My guess was correct! 

The court voiced its incredulity and its concern over granting the said motion without caveat.  The court made clear that the motion will be granted only with the court’s disclaimer of any belief that there will remain any right by Scruggs and/or by the Rigsbys to appeal and/or to recover from Renfroe the amount of the satisfied judgment in the event of a successful appeal by anybody.

But he was extremely impressed with Scruggs and counsel’s brief filed with the Eleventh Circuit filed on June 19, 2008 quoted in the memo: Continue reading “Judge Acker grants Scruggs motion to release security to satisfy judgment begrudgingly”

Provost Umphrey Was a Qui Tam Smokescreen. Gilbert Randolph Welcome to Slabbed

So interesting that one day after David Rossmiller proclaimed for the 15th time the False Claims Act case Ex Rel Rigsby was unraveling the Rigsby Sisters found a firm out of DC to take the case over. I highly recommend Rossmiller’s thread for the constant bizarre wondering of Belle’s whereabouts (the guys must be hard up for a date after reading Tammy Hardison’s deposition) along with another belated admission on Rossmiller’s part that industry money drives his blogging. Having met Belle in person I could only add she is wayyyyy too much woman for guys who get their jollies reading legal porn in depositions.

In any event our own Anita Lee tells the story of a renewed State Farm character assassination campaign that has been stopped cold by the facts as told by Ms Lobrano and the now announced hiring of Gilbert Randolph. Did Rossmiller fall for it hook line and sinker this time? LOL. Sounds to me like Galloway, Robinson and company at Butler Snow were just punked.

Ma Lobrano says Tammy Hardison is a liar, sounds like she has some proof too:

As State Farm levels new allegations against two former insurance adjusters, the sisters have found another law firm to represent them in a whistle-blower lawsuit they filed against the insurance company.

Washington-based Gilbert Randolph plans to represent the women, partner Scott Gilbert said Tuesday. The news came after State Farm accused sisters Cori and Kerri Rigsby of pursuing allegations against the insurance company because they wanted “money and fame.” The company offered sworn testimony from another adjuster and her assistant, who, like the Rigsbys, worked on State Farm claims after Hurricane Katrina Continue reading “Provost Umphrey Was a Qui Tam Smokescreen. Gilbert Randolph Welcome to Slabbed”

"the weather is here I wish you were beautiful…"

Actually, the weather was here – this is the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet at the center of the legal storm known as Robinson v Corps of Engineers – the case the Editilla of the Ladder and I have been trying to get a handle on.

Understanding the case requires a basic understanding of the geography of New Orleans – giving an advantage to Editilla and the Ladder. I once sat through an entire Sugar Bowl virtually alone at the wrong end of the stadium; so, you can safely say I have had a lot to learn.

I recommend the interactive map produced by the Times Picayune for those similarly challenged – although I doubt there are many.

I also recommend you read the post that went up over the weekend when I was under the impression the big story was related to the lead attorney, not the case, and that you check out the case website.

The flooding of New Orleans following Katrina is widely associated with the levees built for flood control by the Corps of Engineers. US District Court Judge Stanwood Duval dismissed the suit filed over the breech of the levees earlier this year – eloquently.

While the United States government is immune for legal liability for the defalcations alleged herein, it is not free, nor should it be, from posterity’s judgment concerning its failure to accomplish what was its task… Continue reading “"the weather is here I wish you were beautiful…"”