Walker denies State Farm motion to seal

Well, bless Bess, if that doesn’t beat all – hopefully some of you grew up hearing someone use that expression; but, if not, see if you can think of anything else to say about the Order Judge Walker issued today.

Before the Court are…State Farm’s emergency motions for leave to file under seal motions to compel non-parties Zach and Richard Scruggs, respectively, regarding their July 21, 2008 depositions. As a courtesy to counsel for the Scruggses, who have “stated that they intend to move this Court to seal” the Scruggses’ deposition transcripts, State Farm requests that it be allowed to file its motions to compel under seal.

By July 22, 2008 email to chambers, counsel for the Scruggses advised they do not oppose the motions and do not intend to file an opposition to them, though they disagree that the motions are of an “emergent nature.”

By July 23, 2008 email to chambers, State Farm advised it filed the pleadings as emergency motions as it desires to conclude the depositions before the deponents report to federal correctional institutions to begin serving their sentences.

Since the Court has been presented no request to seal the Scruggses’ depositions, and the present motions for leave to file under seal present no substantive reason to seal the motions to compel, the Court has insufficient basis for granting leave to file the documents under seal.

It appears, does it not, that State Farm did not complete the deposition of the Scruggses; and, If not complete, they have nothing to move to seal.

Beyond that your guess is as good as mine. I hope justme stops by today with words of wisdom.

One thought on “Walker denies State Farm motion to seal”

  1. If there is a motion to compel then there are questions that weren’t answered, therefore, the motion to compel and emergent because they want those questions asked and answered before the report to prison.

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