USA asks for 10-day extension on Moultrie response

Citing time spent in court and the time required to obtain information from expert witness living out-of-state, the USA filed two motions – one related to expert witnesses and the other to sever defendants – and requested a 10-day extension of time to respond to those filed by Moultrie’s defense.

By the time I went back to pull the documents for posting, the USA had submitted notice of appearance for an additional attorney, Curtis Ivy, Jr.

Given the time I’ve spent pulling and reading the motions and exhibits filed yesterday, I can only imagine the manpower required to read and respond – and with more motions expected – good move!

6 thoughts on “USA asks for 10-day extension on Moultrie response”

  1. Not at all! In fact, I’ve learned so much from yours that I think you should give CEU credit to regular readers.

  2. anything new on the Moultrie front?

    Is Purdy connected with Sean C or R Moultrie?

    Do yall think Musgrove’s name will come out in the trial?

  3. Concerned I’m under the imprerssion Bill Purdy was the outside attorney for Carothers Construction so he would be connected to Sean Carothers.

    Don;t know about Musgrove’s name at trial but it certainly has been in the press.


  4. from this little Georgia girll, thanks!
    The press in Georgia is not printing anything, go figure~

    A top ranking Republican money donor going down

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