USA v Moultrie in hurry-up-and-wait phase

Seems as if the delay in getting Carothers home yesterday was an omen of more hurry up and wait to come.

Today, Judge Mills granted an Agreed Order granting the request of Moultrie’s defense for a 48-hour extension of today’s deadline for filing motions.

Magistrate Judge Alexander, on the other hand, issued an Order granting the expedited consideration of Carothers’ motion to quash the subpoena duces tecum and setting 5pm Friday as the deadline for interested parties to file a response.

Alexander’s order set 5pm Tuesday, the 29th, as the deadline for all replies to such response.

Wonder how much coffee sales will increase in Oxford over the next week. Want to bet another sweet potato, Sop? How about you, belle?

Concise statement of fact? Nope, try again!

Since Rossmiller has been gone so long, I decided to go to Oregon and see what was up. Whatever it was, he proceeded to get a settlement including his own lawyer’s fees. Good job Rossmiller! But I also found another matter — federal question of breach of contract suit where Rossmiller is defending his client. Maybe he could give the Rigsbys some counsel on that in their defense against Renfroe? Maybe not such a good idea. It turns out Rossmiller had to eat a little crow from the judge when filing his concise statement of fact with the court.

The Concise Statement of Material Facts filed by Defendant in supporting her Motion for Summary Judgment is not in compliance with Local Rule 56.1 (c), which requires that citation to evidence supporting the party’s statement. The Clerk is directed to link a copy of Local Rule 56.1, including Appendix of Form #17, to this Order. The Local Rules can also be accessed at the Court’s website,

Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment is held in abeyance pending filing of a Concise Statement of Material Facts in compliance with Local Rules 56.1

Thanks to Freedom of Information it is not only Scruggs and the Rigsbys that are under the spotlight.

More Media Coverage of the Congressional Visit Part II: Natalie Chandler on the Insurance Specifics

The Clarion Ledger and Natalie Chandler were at Gene’s insurance town hall gathering last year and were impressed enough to come back for a repeat visit. She does a great job drilling down the policy and the politics for today’s Clarion Ledger:

House Democrats told hundreds of residents here Monday that legislation to provide wind and flood insurance may have to be piecemealed together but assured them it is moving forward.

The author of the bill, 4th District Rep. Gene Taylor, said conversations recently initiated by a key Senate chairman signal that negotiations are forthcoming between House and Senate leaders.

Taylor, a Democrat from Bay St. Louis who lost his home in Hurricane Katrina, said Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd indicated his interest after tornadoes hit the Midwest. Continue reading “More Media Coverage of the Congressional Visit Part II: Natalie Chandler on the Insurance Specifics”

More Media Coverage of the Congressional Visit: Anita Lee Puts the Meeting on the Record

I’ll be sharing my own observations in a later post. Here is the story from the front page of today’s Sun Herald.

U.S. House leaders assured an overflow crowd Monday night that they are behind U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Miss., as he joins a conference committee to push for multiperil insurance coverage for coastal Americans. 

Residents and community leaders gave House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,D-Calif., a standing ovation for her support of the bill, which passed the House earlier this year but failed in the Senate. Pelosi has appointed Taylor to a conference committee that will work on compromise legislation. Continue reading “More Media Coverage of the Congressional Visit: Anita Lee Puts the Meeting on the Record”