7 thoughts on “NOLA TV Coverage of Yesterday's Congressional Visit”

  1. Funny how the congressman who requested the 829 investigation did not even know what it was. Melancon’s usually more on top of stuff than this . . . what a pitiful response. Somewhat of an embarrassment.

    Any investigation of governmental or insurer wrongdoing has been forgotten; they got a free pass.

  2. I’m hoping to hear something about that topic this evening Rick. What I do hear hear through the grapevine is now is not the right time from a political standpoint for such an investigation.

    Nowdy often reminds me the political process moves slowly and at its own pace.

    One would think we’d make a greater effort to learn from our mistakes. Hopefully this hurricane season will be relatively quiet.


  3. It’s just amazing how from Katrina: policyholders have committed fraud, citizens have committed fraud, plaintiff lawyers have committed fraud, but not a single person employed by the Federal Government or an insurance company has been found to have committed any fraud at all. Out of sight out of mind . . . the iron is no longer hot. If we had known then what we know now. Any more cliches I can throw?

    I truly hope this never happens again, but . . .

  4. How about “every dog has his day”….and then there’s my all time favorite, “get off the table Mabel, the quarter’s for the beer”.

  5. Absolutely Fucking Clueless. Melancon is history in the baking. This is so embarrassing. Sorry. All this work… What is the point? Why do anything but run. Dolly Prompts Hurricane Watch for Texas.

  6. Great point, Rick.

    Obviously, the government is too busy tracking down all this corruption to check and see just how the NFIP got stuck with the tab.

    They certainly don’t have time to protect the Rigsby sisters – who seem to be the only ones that care the taxpayers got slabbed.

  7. Editilla, you don’t mince words fella – and those pretty well nailed the situation.

    I couldn’t figure out how to comment over at your place the other day; but, you were right about that dress! It reminded me of the time I went to NY one winter and told my family not to worry if they didn’t hear from me. They could just call NYPD and tell them a woman in a cloth coat was missing. In that sea of fur they couldn’t miss me – and even the NOLA PD could surely find the woman wearing that dress.

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