The Payoff for Cooperation: USA Moves to have Sean Carothers Released From Prison.

Just in folks. Here is the Government’s memo and here is the addendum to it. To me the news is that Mr Carothers will indeed be a star witness against Mr Moultrie and the government fully expects him to testify:

From the memo:

Mr. Carothers spent hundreds of hours of his time analyzing documents and creating demonstrative evidence of approximately $2,000,000 in overbillings by The Facility Group, the company that oversaw and managed the construction of the beef processing plant. Carothers assistance was instrumental in uncovering the fraudulent scheme.

That those motions were filed and the Court has set them for hearings on August 13-15. Mr. Carothers is needed to aid and assist in our responses to those motions, to prepare for his testimony at those hearings and ultimately at the trial which is set to begin on August 25, 2008. We anticipate that Mr. Carothers will again be needed in our office for a substantial number of hours each week as we prepare our case and for the trial of this matter. Continue reading “The Payoff for Cooperation: USA Moves to have Sean Carothers Released From Prison.”

Big Time Attaboy for Hancock Bank

We lost our best Chinese Restaurant to the new site but we’ve gained a state of the art banking facility. The big news is the donation of the adjacent brand new Leo Seals Jr Community Center to the City. Props to Hancock Bank. Here is the Sun Herald story:

Hancock Bank celebrated the official opening of its 4,000-square-foot financial center at 529 U.S. 90 on Thursday and formally named a 3,200-square-foot community center adjacent to the new bank in honor of longtime bank President Leo W. Seal Jr., a Hancock County native. 

The celebration, attended by about 250 residents, community leaders and bank executives, was described by Hancock Bank officials as another milestone in the area’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading “Big Time Attaboy for Hancock Bank”

Beef Plant Defendant Draper's Trial Set for Monday

The Sun Herald picked up this AP story on the Beef Plant saga:

A judge has denied Mississippi Beef Plant defendant James Draper’s request to dismiss part of his two-count indictment. 

Draper is set to go on trial Monday in federal court in Oxford.

He had asked the court to dismiss accusations he transported stolen property in interstate commerce – that he mailed a $167,725 check paid by stolen funds obtained fraudulently. Continue reading “Beef Plant Defendant Draper's Trial Set for Monday”

Milking the latest Moultrie motions

You definitely read about it here first – and days ago – but… yesterday Patsy Brumfield had the story on the latest motions in USA v Moultrie in the Daily Journal… but… that was before Sop’s post on the subpoena of Carothers allegedly issued after Moultrie’s defense had ex parte contact with the Judge …and …that was before I went back to the docket and posted a half-dozen or so more documents… and …that was before I decided Patsy’s well-written story was the best way to tie all this together.

Two defendants in criminal proceedings surrounding the defunct Mississippi Beef Plant have asked U.S. District Chief Judge Michael P. Mills to dismiss a new indictment against them filed June 19.

Robert L. Moultrie, president and CEO of The Facility Group of Smyrna, Ga., and Nixon Cawood, its chief operating officer, say in legal motions this week the indictment contains defects so serious that 15 of the 16 counts should be dismissed.

They claim the indictment, which superseded the original accusations of Feb. 13, contains “misleading allegations” about the company’s service compensation as stated in its contract with the state, Community Bank of Mississippi and others.

After filing the Motion to Dismiss, the defense team turned into a motion machine that hit PACER with these on the 10th. Patsy goes into more detail later in the story – covering much the same ground we’ve been discussing in comments starting here. Continue reading “Milking the latest Moultrie motions”