So, they sell Bud and crazy things just keep happening – check this court report

I tell you what, selling Bud really threw this country for a loop – and, as usual, the Coast was hit the hardest. Stands to reason if you figure that desire for a cold one is proportionate to the heat – inside the courtroom and out.

McIntosh has been the hot one for sometime – guess it’s all the back and forth between here and Alabama. Well, today, the “next” I’ve been looking for finally showed up on PACER. It’s the response from McIntosh to the Renfroe motion supporting State Farm’s objection to introducing out-of-state conduct – the subject of a recent post of mine.

My hat’s off to the Merlin Law Group for their response. Actually, my hat’s off because I’m ROFLMAO at their response

COME NOW the Plaintiffs and respond to Renfroe’s Objections to Out of State Evidence (Document 1224).

The Plaintiffs do not intend to offer any of the specified evidence of out of state conduct as evidence against Defendant Renfroe. To the extent that any of the evidence refers to Renfroe,the Court may create safeguards including, but not limited to jury instructions, that ensure that Renfroe is not prejudiced by the reference to it.

That’s it! Every word.

Merlin’s Tina Nicholson did what every lawyer on the Plantiff’s side – here and in Alabama – has been itching to do for almost three years. She filed a motion telling the Renfroe’s this is none of your business. You go girl! Continue reading “So, they sell Bud and crazy things just keep happening – check this court report”

Fool me once, shame on you!

From the hearing on motion to disqualify the dumbass judge in December 2007 after he’s “told Renfroe to move for Civil Sanctions”:

First, Judge Acker:

Now, whatever I said, and I can’t remember the quote, that triggered or generated the request by Renfroe to hold both Scruggs and the Rigsbys in civil contempt in the form of sanctions, monetary sanctions. Quite frankly, when I put that down, I wasn’t thinking about Scruggs. I was thinking about the Rigsbys.

I’m not saying that they misread me or that they were wrong in seeing that opportunity or the possibility in what I said to seek civil sanctions against Scruggs also. And they did. And that’s why we’re here..

Then, it’s Keker, representing Scruggs:

The only way you get jurisdiction over non-parties is if they aid and abet a contempt. And here there wasn’t any contempt to aid and abet you so found. Therefore, no jurisdiction; send us home. The 11th said not yet; let the district court decide this.

The next thing is that you suggest to them that they take another look at whether or not the Rigsbys are in contempt. What we think is that that’s a very shrewd, tactical move by an excellent first class prosecutor to shore up the jurisdiction in his case. And by prosecutors, I’m referring to you. Continue reading “Fool me once, shame on you!”

Slabbers Unite! Meet and Greet with Nancy and the Gang Over at Gene's Place

Monday evening at 5:30PM. I understand all the finest Slabbers will be in attendance. Come meet Nancy and the rest of the US House of Representative leadership. Editilla d’Aphasia and Mr CLS a special invite to you two guys. Rep. Melancon attended last year. Space is limited so arrive early 20 minutes or so early.

The best poll (IMHO) shows Obama winning in November. We made an impression last year – having the House on our side will prove invaluable for all us Slabbers. I got the email press release from AM but Anita Lee broke the story.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders are expected to attend a town hall meeting on insurance at 5:30 p.m. Monday in Bay St. Louis.

U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Bay St. Louis, will host this third annual meeting. Taylor is serving on a conference committee that is working on a bill to offer wind insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Continue reading “Slabbers Unite! Meet and Greet with Nancy and the Gang Over at Gene's Place”

Breaking: Travelers and Nationwide Push Coastal Multi Peril Plan

Anita Lee filed this breaking news report that includes comments from Haley Barbour:

Two major insurance companies and two national insurance agent/broker companies are supporting a Coastal wind insurance program that would require federal legislation.

A news release Travelers issued Wednesday morning quotes Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who previously has deferred to the state’s insurance commissioner on such matters.

The plan, first proposed by Travelers CEO Jay Fishman, has support from Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America and The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers.

Four major points in the plan: Continue reading “Breaking: Travelers and Nationwide Push Coastal Multi Peril Plan”

The Advocate Reports on Perdigao: Goyeneche Says MCC Interested in Sholes

Thanks to an interested reader for the heads up to yesterday’s story on Perdigao in the Advocate. Allen Johnson Jr. filed the story. Rafael Goyeneche of the Metropolitan Crime Commission says he’s interested in the ticketing fixing allegations involving judicial candidate Ronald Sholes

James “Jamie” Perdigao, 46, is hardly a household name in New Orleans, even though federal prosecutors say the indicted lawyer stole $30 million.

According to the government, Perdigao purloined a far greater sum during his 13 years as a law partner at Adams & Reese, LLP than all court-ordered restitution orders combined against: imprisoned former Gov. Edwin Edwards ($2.5 million), incarcerated former Louisiana Senate President Michael O’Keefe ($1.7 million), and four — recently sentenced — associates of former Mayor Marc Morial’s administration ($1 million). Continue reading “The Advocate Reports on Perdigao: Goyeneche Says MCC Interested in Sholes”