Acker found Rigsby sisters Motion for Stay – Denied UPDATED

I’m not surprised – only surprised that there was no written order noted on the docket nor any indication it was a text only order. Nope not a word just the action listed.

It appears today was cleaning day in the northern Alabama district as the docket also lists a few houskeeping items – Acker vacated his Uniform Initial Order that looks like a set of “rules” (my first time to see one) and also recorded a request for transcripts from Scruggs and listed Scruggs appeal.

I’ve got a little housekeeping to do myself over the weekend – keeping up with Judge Acker will turn you white headed overnight and after a week of curious orders and opinions I’ll be looking for a vat of Lady Clariol to see if I can cover all the gray!

UPDATE: Wonder if I’ll run into Anita Lee when I try to cover my Acker-gray, seems the latest news from Alabama has her attention, too!

Former insurance adjusters Cori and Kerri Rigsby are on the hook for $65,000 that attorney Dickie Scruggs refuses to fork over to their former employers, Alabama-based E.A. Renfroe.

Scruggs has placed the money with the federal court while he appeals Judge William M. Acker Jr.’s decision to fine him and the Rigsbys that amount for civil contempt in Renfroe v. Rigsby. Meanwhile, Acker has ruled, the Rigsbys must pay the fine within 14 days. Continue reading “Acker found Rigsby sisters Motion for Stay – Denied UPDATED”