Covering the Coverers: Mowbray Wins Another Award, So Does Bloomberg

I saw in yesterday’s Times Picayune Rebecca Mowbray has won another journalism award for excellence in covering insurance issues raised by Katrina and Rita. Earlier this year she won the Enterprise Award for her article  “Same house. Same repairs. Same insurer. Why different prices?”. Now she is recognized for the totality of her work in winning the 2008 Award for Excellence in Economic Reporting, which recognizes coverage of policies and markets.

“Rebecca Mowbray caught the private insurance industry red-handed,” said Newsweek’s Rich Thomas, chairman of the panel of judges. “She and The Times-Picayune prove that insurers unfairly dumped tens of millions of dollars of their own wind- and rain-damage losses in the Katrina hurricane onto a gullible government.”

Thomas added that Mowbray’s stories “helped force the federal government to revise its own procedures to prevent another private raid on the public treasury in future disasters.”

The award will be presented Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

That is certainly one way of putting it Mr Thomas. Good to see others also see it.

Meantime The Bloomberg piece The Insurance Hoax won a prestigious New York press club award recognizing excellence in “coverage of consumer trends, problems, scams or laws.”

Sam Friedman took exception and his remarks are well taken. However there is also the kernal of a larger truth in the story which is no doubt why it continues in contention for peer recognition.

3 thoughts on “Covering the Coverers: Mowbray Wins Another Award, So Does Bloomberg”

  1. I ain’t trying to say that we go to the same bars or anything, don’t want to sound here too, well…slabbed, BUT, I learned everything about these Cluster’Forking, Cork’Sucking Insurance Ice’Hole Somnominabishes from this website!

    Everything and then some…like how to really laugh at these crooks because the Truth and Law, when properly splained by a competent attorney, always turn out to be funnier than fiction!

    They don’t give awards for this kind of stuff, eh? Too bad, but, Hell, I’d bet you folks don’t even want them to know your phone numbers.

    Perchance we will wander into the same bar some day, and that would be a good thing.

    Editilla~New Orleans News Ladder

  2. I frequent New Orleans now and again, Editilla. It would be fun to run into you. Thank you.

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