A dun? Surely not with Duggins

When PACER popped up with Scruggs v Zuckerman Spaeder, there didn’t seem to be a lot of news value in the story – particularly given all the other things we’re working on.

That certainly wasn’t the case, however, when the firm withdrew as counsel for the Rigsby sisters with a cheap shot at Scruggs heard round the world – if mention in Fortune is any indicator – one that, no doubt, embarrassed the Rigsby sisters.

This motion to withdraw is the result of the inability of the Rigsbys and others to pay Zuckerman Spaeder LLP’s fees and expenses going forward, or to adequately satisfy existing fee and expense obligations.

Given the remaining balance is $1.7 million plus change, whatever had been paid prior to that should have been more than enough to buy better manners – not to mention better results.

Speaking of results, how is it that Scruggs ended up getting the dun for the bill when between Judge Coleman and Judge Senter the liability of all members of the joint venture seems abundantly clear?

No real news value like I said but definitely worth a mention.

Catching up on news and views

Be sure and check the posts that went up over the holiday weekend and these two legal updates that we didn’t get to after a week of doing little else.

  • Attorney’s for Paul Minor filed a motion requesting his release while his Appeal is pending. The motion includes mention of his wife’s rapidly failing health and supports that aspect of his request as well as the legal basis for release pending appeal.
  • Judge Biggers completed the sentencing of Zach Scruggs and set August 15th as the start date. No word yet on whether Zach will appeal; however, a motion is expected requesting placement and a later start date.

Now to “views” – Check the left sidebar

  • The three Scruggs cases under Legal have been combined to make room for listing individual Katrina insurance case
  • Legislation was relocated to Insurance and three new pages were added – Transparency, Cat Bonds, and Perspective

Last – but not to be missed – is the work of the artists from the Bay St. Louis art colony. Related posts are here and here but for added measure I’ll repeat two direct links – here and here, as well as give you another look at the painting I included in my post.

Mississippi Gulf Coast, Scottish-born artist MP (Mary-Pat) Forrest presently paints outside her FEMA trailer ‘au plein air’ on her plywood patio. Her love of the Impressionists is usually reflected in her wonderful figurative paintings, however the ‘FEMA ‘ITCH & SCREAM’ in contrast and with apologies to Munch, expresses all our frustrations on the coast.