Sid Salter on Old Town Bay St Louis

If he thinks it’s a slow go in Old Town he needs to check out Coleman Avenue.

Nonetheless Sid Salter took the time to survey progress in Old Town and he wrote a good column about “The Bay“.

Like most Mississippians who live upstate, it is easy to visit east Biloxi and see the casinos operating full tilt and drive past the huge new condominium developments and declare that the Coast is getting back on its feet.

But in Bay St. Louis – and truly on most of the west side of the Coast – the recovery is still ongoing, and rebuilding is slow if not stalled.

Speeding up projects like the art colony would help immeasurably.

The movie title associated with slabbeds video reply pretty much tells the story of west side recovery.


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  1. Click on this post for a look at the work of the Bay’s talented artist and a link to their website where you can see more.

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