Back When Virtually Nobody was Reading Us…….

Brother Bruce over at the New Orleans News Ladder was linking us and giving us exposure to his readers. He helped get us on the cyber-map and for that we are eternally grateful. Other blogs that grace our selective blogroll such as We Saw That and Central Louisiaina Politics found us and vice versa because of Editilla d’Aphasia’s vigilance on bringing various sources of information together. He watches our backs too picking up stories we miss. I start my day with him and hope our readers do too.

The Editilla is the Master of Disaster with lots of soulas and some beautiful children to boot. His endorsement yesterday again makes us blush. So we figure Belle is Molly, I’m HL and Nowdy is Clarence. God help us all.  😉

Sein Fein Brother Bruce!


2 thoughts on “Back When Virtually Nobody was Reading Us…….”

  1. Well I’ll be Damned Slabbed, sop!
    You should know though at the time I saw it as hooking the Ladder to the Tail of a Comet, at the very least a Rising Star, so there!
    But Hell, the thing is y’all rock like a Real Blog on a Big Stage. Original commentary like you offer on complex legal issues usually cost money and is rarely as funny…and hardly as interesting. I read a few blogs across the country (HA!) (mainly on da’hunt for neocoward nolabasheers on which to dine) but y’all are way out front of the likes of Kos, or Crooks and Liars or, or Haaarrrruffington Post. Really.
    Y’all are that good.
    Keep it up.

  2. Editilla thanks for the kind words. Being here and being slabbed helps keep one frosty on these important public policy issues.

    Insurance may be a backwater for business journalism but t’s interesting when the mystery is removed from the equation. For consumers like me and you, the outcome of the wind water debate is very tangible and very important for all of us here in the GO Zone.

    The site traffic naturally follows. :-)


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