Transcript of the Scruggs Sentencing Hearing Now Online at the Sun Herald

The Mississippi paper furthest from the action has the best coverage today IMHO. Anita Lee once again does a stellar job and even Scruggs fatigued Sop found it fascinating and sobering reading.

And I received these letters from your friends about how sentencing would affect you and your wife and your daughter, and I have sympathy for you in that respect. Your wife, I understand, is a fine lady; and her health is very delicate. But there’ s no question that your wife and daughter are going to be better provided for in your absence than anybody else I ‘ve ever heard that has come before the Court.

(Mr Scruggs falters) Continue reading “Transcript of the Scruggs Sentencing Hearing Now Online at the Sun Herald”

Judge Acker in Alabama grants stay of execution of contempt for $5,000.00

Remember Judge Acker’s order granting Renfroe compensatory sanctions against Dickie and the Rigsbys? They asked for a stay of execution pending the outcome of his appeal to the 11th Circuit Court. Well, they got it, but Judge Acker had to stick to Scruggs and waited until after the sentencing to do it — 11:19 a.m. today to be exact. Want to know how he accomplished this? Here’s how:

Plaintiff, E.A. Renfroe & Company, Inc., did not object to a deposit of cash in lieu of a bond, but did point out that interest will accrue in the judgment pending the appeal so that the cash deposit should be increased to cover the interest that will accrue. As of June 5, 2008, the date of the judgment, the interest rate was 2.15 per cent per annum. Continue reading “Judge Acker in Alabama grants stay of execution of contempt for $5,000.00”

Sun Herald Editorial Blasts the Gulfport City Council: Gulfcoast “News” Proceeds Pro Se & Makes a Fool

Yesterday as we went around the GO Zone in 60 seconds, one of the included news reports we highlighted was on the Gulfport City Council turning down Hancock Bank Chairman/CEO George Schloegel for a spot on the new Gulfport Developement Commission.

Our readers may remember Council members Carriere, Resh and Holmes-Hinds, who along with an assist from Barbara Nalley, as the same group of rocket scientists that initially torpedoed a $500,000 state grant to rebuild historic Grass Lawn. Evidently they did not learn from the scorching they took for playing politics with the City’s recovery back in April as once again they inject politics into a new board who’s purpose is to remove politics from the redevelopment of parts of the beachfront. Make no mistake this is not about conflicts of interest as Barbara Nalley told WLOX, rather it is all about politics as she admitted later in the interview:

“I feel that Mr. Schloegel is extremely close to the administration. I feel that this board needs to be an impartial board. That’s why I suggested strongly to the mayor that he take suggestions from council members and that it would be a diverse section of appointees from across the city,” said Nalley. Continue reading “Sun Herald Editorial Blasts the Gulfport City Council: Gulfcoast “News” Proceeds Pro Se & Makes a Fool”

Breaking: Scruggs Gets 5 Years and a $250K Fine (Updated)

Anita Lee has the updated story which contains his reporting date of August 4:

Dickie Scruggs received the maximum 5 years in prison in $250,000 in fines for a crime Judge Neal D. Biggers Jr. called “reprehensible. 

Before sentencing, Scruggs told the judge, “I could not be more ashamed to be where I am today. I realized I was getting mixed up in it and I will go to my grave wondering why. I have disappointed everyone in my life – my wife, family and friends here to support me today. I deeply regret my conduct. It is a scar and a stain on my soul.” Continue reading “Breaking: Scruggs Gets 5 Years and a $250K Fine (Updated)”

Breaking: The Jury rules for the Lisanbys and Awards Them $900,000. Punis up Next

The lesson here is don’t mess with an Admiral. At slabbed we respected the jury’s verdict in Aiken and today we respect the jury’s verdict in Lisanby.  Karen Nelson has the breaking story:

A Jackson County jury on Friday morning awarded Adm. James W. Lisanby and his wife, Gladys, about $900,000 in damages in their case against USAA insurance company. Continue reading “Breaking: The Jury rules for the Lisanbys and Awards Them $900,000. Punis up Next”

USA wants to play Price is Right – Come on down Grady!

Late yesterday the Sun Herald went on-line with the news that the USA was going to put Oxford attorney Grady Tollison on the stand at the sentencing of Dick Scruggs – talk about news!

The attorney opposing Dickie Scruggs in the lawsuit that led to his downfall has been subpoenaed to testify for prosecutors Friday morning at Scruggs’ sentencing hearing.

Anyone want to guess why?

It seems Grady and his now-client John Jones previously-opposing-counsel in McIntosh v State Farm forgot something – about $25 million somethings to be exact. Continue reading “USA wants to play Price is Right – Come on down Grady!”

Closing Arguments in Lisanby v USAA Conclude: Slabbed has the Video Report

Before we get to the embedded WLOX video report we first go to the Sun Herald and their coverage of the last day of arguments before the jury got the case.  A verdict is expected today and slabbed will be covering it so check back with us often. Following is Karen Nelson’s Sun Herald story on the closing arguments:

Closing arguments Thursday in the Lisanby v. USAA trial came late in the afternoon in a courtroom hot from lack of air conditioning, with attorneys wiping their faces as they plowed through their appeals to the jury. 

Attorney Tom Thrash’s voice broke as he spoke of USAA denying the Katrina wind claims of Adm. James Lisanby and his wife, Gladys, who lost their historic home on Beach Boulevard in Pascagoula, leaving them in the lurch for three years. Continue reading “Closing Arguments in Lisanby v USAA Conclude: Slabbed has the Video Report”

Letters for Dickie: Dr Mac Speaks Out

Considering the distance involved from the coast to Oxford, Anita Lee at the Sun Herald has done a superlative job covering the judicial bribery scandal from afar and the respect others have for her as a reporter shines through in today’s edition of the Sun Herald as evidenced by the complete copies of the letters sent Judge Biggers by Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Khayat and Ole Miss Law School Dean Samuel Davis which she obviously obtained directly from the two gentleman.

While others run off in hot pursuit of Chancellor Khayat because he used a piece of paper that belonged to the University for his letter we’ll concentrate on the letter from someone helped by Dickie Scruggs, our very own slabbed Dr Wesley McFarland, who’s letter was also reprinted in it’s entirety by the Sun Herald. Dr Mac is getting up in years and that shows through in his letter as does his sincerity. So while others so easily prescribe a harsh sentence for the judicial bribery participants, Dr McFarland exhibits the complexity of emotion of those on the receiving end of both the bad faith exhibited by State Farm and the hope Dickie Scruggs brought by taking them on after Katrina.  Here is the text of Dr Mac’s letter:

April 6, 2008

Ref: Attorney Richard Scruggs

Dear Judge Biggers:

This is the most difficult letter I have ever had to write. Continue reading “Letters for Dickie: Dr Mac Speaks Out”