On the wisdom of Biggers and sentencing of Scruggs

One could say that Judge Neil Biggers and I grew up together in a southern sort of way – a generation apart and never knowing one another. Yet, because I knew some of his “people” and rather suspect he knew some of mine, he’s been a public presence for as long as I remember.  In a sense, he’ll will remain one for generations to come because he settled Mississippi’s landmark higher education desegregation case.

I came to “know” him rather well then though only through the eyes of those actually involved in the negotiations. Publicly they spoke of his perspicacity; but, privately – well let’s just say he showed a bit of LBJ.

Boys, I may not know much, but I know chicken shit from chicken salad. Continue reading “On the wisdom of Biggers and sentencing of Scruggs”

The Marietta Daily Journal Sinks Their Teeth into the Beef Plant Scandal

Thanks to Mr Concerned for the link. The story contains quotes from Moultrie lawyer and law blogger Tom Freeland aka NMC. As a construction CPA the rumored exodus of human capital from The Facility Group is what interests me most. Here is the report by Jon Gillooly:

Federal prosecutors have issued a new 16-count federal indictment against Smyrna-based Facility Group executives, accusing them of having internal knowledge that a Mississippi beef plant would fail, but deliberately withholding that information from the state and others.

Facility Group founder Robert Moultrie and two other executives with the firm were charged in March with 16 felony counts for conspiracy to bribery related to a beef plant backed by the state of the Mississippi Beef Processing Plant. Four hundred people were put out of work, and taxpayers there were left to pay $55 million in state-backed loans when the plant closed in 2004 after being open only a few months. Continue reading “The Marietta Daily Journal Sinks Their Teeth into the Beef Plant Scandal”

Lisanby v USAA Continues: USAA’s Engineering Expert Takes the Stand

So much for the theory the Sun Herald would only cover the Plaintiff’s side of the case. Karen Nelson reports on the resumption of the trial with the testimony of engineering expert Doug Smith on the damage patterns and USAA call center employees on the mystery phone call reporting flood damage while the storm was still howling:

An engineering expert hired by USAA insurance company told jurors Wednesday water destroyed the first floor of the Lisanby home on Beach Boulevard, blew out the front and east walls and twisted the structure, which caused damage to the second floor. 

Doug Smith, an assistant professor at Texas Tech University, testified that as Katrina progressed, the pressure from the storm-surge water compromised the walls before wind could have. Continue reading “Lisanby v USAA Continues: USAA’s Engineering Expert Takes the Stand”

Nationwide Unveils Plan for Unified Multiperil Policy

The scoop goes to the National Underwriter which truly is “the leader in property and casualty news” and you can find their article link here. There are political overtones to the Nationwide plan which also ties into the optional federal charter proposals circulating in Congress. Since Sam got the scoop we start with a quote from the National Underwriter before we move on to the Sun Herald and Times Picayune reports on the subject: (They’re paying attention Nowdy 8) )

Under the proposed coverage, the private insurance market would bear the primary responsibility of paying claims, with the federal government acting as a reinsurer and regulator, said Nationwide.

“Americans need not suffer through a catastrophic event lacking the comprehensive insurance coverage they need,” said Jerry Jurgensen, Nationwide chief executive officer.

“If Hurricane Katrina taught us anything, it is that the market needs a home insurance product that covers flooding as well as wind damage in one policy,” he said in a statement. Continue reading “Nationwide Unveils Plan for Unified Multiperil Policy”

Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: “Thank God for Allstate” (for Supsalemgr & Gar), Mayoral Hopeful Brian Carriere Says No George Schloegel and Goes Golfing, Court of Appeals Says Hell No to Hancock Supervisors

Without a doubt that is the most wacky Around the GO Zone post ever. We must be on the full moon but here are three stories I couldn’t let pass without mention here on slabbed. First off is Commissioner Chaney speaking in Pascagoula at the Kiwanis club. Cherie Ward at the Mississippi Press has the report:

State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney addressed the Pascagoula Kiwanis Club Tuesday and declared, “Thank God for Allstate.”

“We’re still receiving about 10 calls a day wanting to know who’s going to write policies on the coast,” Chaney told about 30 Kiwanians at LaFont Inn. “Allstate has agreed to come in and write policies. They require that you put your automobile insurance with them, but they’ll cover you. Nationwide came in and is ready to write under their standard procedures. We have all the independent agents in the state that have agreed to pick up any slack that State Farm may have left behind.”

Chaney is referring to State Farm Insurance’s announcement that it will not renew homeowner policies within 1,000 feet of the beach. State Farm homeowner policyholders from 1,000 to 2,500 feet off the beach won’t be able to renew their wind coverage. Continue reading “Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: “Thank God for Allstate” (for Supsalemgr & Gar), Mayoral Hopeful Brian Carriere Says No George Schloegel and Goes Golfing, Court of Appeals Says Hell No to Hancock Supervisors”