Khayat’s letter “parts a curtain” for Scruggs

Today was a read-letter day in Oxford. Anita Lee told the story for the Sun Herald filing updates throughout the day.

We’re in a race at the federal courthouse in Oxford to see who has written letters about Dickie Scruggs before he is sentenced Friday for conspiring to bribe a state court judge.

Three journalists and a lawyer-blogger are here. We are playing nice, sharing information as we scan the bound volumes, looking for big names…

One of the big names was Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Khayat – “as expected” according to all the reports I’ve read – and, “as expected” here on SLABBED, critical comment followed. However, Robert Khayat is an extraordinary man – one known for uncommon courage in the face of injustice; a man whose letter was, as Eudora Welty wrote,

…an attempt to part a curtain, that invisible shadow that falls between people, the veil of indifference to each other’s presence, each other’s wonder, each other’s human plight. Continue reading “Khayat’s letter “parts a curtain” for Scruggs”

Sweet Home Alabama?

I don’t think Dickie will think so. Scruggs filed an emergency motion for relief (exhibits). He didn’t get it. Remember he was ordered by Judge Walker in McIntosh v. State Farm to produce documents. He asked for reconsideration of that order but was denied. He asked Judge Acker for Injunctive Relief:

[W]ithout waiving claims relating to the jurisdiction of this Court over Scruggs, respectfully move this Court for relief from the Preliminary Injunction and Protective Order issued by this Court on December 8, 2006 (Doc. 60)1, for the limited purpose of complying with an order issued by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi. This motion is styled as an “emergency motion” because Scruggs has been ordered to respond to the Mississippi order by July 7, 2008, and Scruggs seeks relief from this Court prior to that time. Continue reading “Sweet Home Alabama?”

Think of Medicaid as reinsurance before bashing Governor’s proposal…

Conceptually, Medicaid was created to provide humanitarian health care to those unable to pay for the cost of care by virtue of age or disability – but “conceptually” was a long time ago and very far away from the reality of today.

Between then and now, risk has transferred from private sector coverage causing the publicly funded Medicaid program to function as a form of reinsurance in the increasingly high-cost health care market.

Understanding the relationship between Medicaid, private sector coverage, and health care providers is important now that the biggest testosterone war ever on this side of Texas is taking place here over funding for Mississippi’s Medicaid program. Continue reading “Think of Medicaid as reinsurance before bashing Governor’s proposal…”

Alabama Trade Secrets?

Through counsel, the Rigsby sisters filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on Renfroe’s Claim under the Alabama Trade Secrets in December of last year. There was a deadline on Monday to supplement their briefs on their motion. Through discovery, they have found these additional undisputed facts as to Renfroe’s claim. The Court yesterday granted the Rigsbys motion to compel testimony in depositions and therefore may need to supplement this brief again, later, if the Court allows. I am going to keep the citations copied to show their support to these facts but I haven’t downloaded the exhibits.

These undisputed facts give a lot of insight into whether or not these documents were “stolen,” IMO. These facts are to the allegations made by Renfroe. Despite Judge Walker’s order yesterday referring to documents that the Rigsbys “stole,” there is no claim by State Farm as to any criminal activity by the Rigsbys. Continue reading “Alabama Trade Secrets?”

My brother Darryl and my brother Darryl – and we’re all in this together

Remember Larry from Newhart? I think about him and his brother Darryl and brother Darryl – both of whom were mute, btw – when I look at these graphs of the changing picture of investors in insurance linked securities (ILS).

A look at who securitizes insurance risks as of July 2007 shows insurance and reinsurance are the leading ILS sponsors.

Another view of the changing picture is seen in the ILS natural catastrophe investor base is illustrated in the companion graphic below. Continue reading “My brother Darryl and my brother Darryl – and we’re all in this together”