Former State Farm adjusters say they were trained to “dupe” customers!

If you put two and two together, you’ll get four today – as long as one is the information LA attorney Rick Trahant provided SLABBED and this is the other.

Tuesday night, I spoke with three former State Farm adjusters. All three spoke of the pressure to handle and close more claims, to closely read the policy language, and to not pay for certain items following disasters before actually adjusting losses.

They went so far as to have role playing scenarios where they practiced negotiating techniques which dupe customers into believing the insurer position regarding adjustment is proper.

Looks as if the real stars of the training were sent to Louisiana to sell this line from the document Rick sent that surely had our readers ROFLAO.

There was a lack of wind damage to the roofing, indicating that the roofs were likely underwater when the winds were the strongest and/or the winds were not very strong at roof level. Continue reading “Former State Farm adjusters say they were trained to “dupe” customers!”

Controlling Law – the Disqualification of Relator’s Attorneys

In the end, Rule 59 or 60 mattered not. No rule ever does when a case is mutato nomine de te fabula narratur – a relatively new concept in a nation long distinguished by it’s commitment to justice for all.

Translated from the Latin, it reads, change the name and the story’s yours – implying as intended that justice for all has been overturned in favor of justice for some with Judge Senter’s order denying reconsideration of the Rigsbys’ request for continued representation by the two Missouri firms.

Mad I’m not – chiefly because I’m overwhelmingly sad that Judge Senter totally lost sight of the fact that the Rigsby sisters have rights.

He has assumed their right to file under Duggins and, then, used Duggins to take their right to counsel – Continue reading “Controlling Law – the Disqualification of Relator’s Attorneys”

This Episode of the Jeffersons Features Prisoner’s Dilemma: Brenda Rats Out Her Family

It’s game theory in action as the threat of hard time in the pokey turns sister against brother. Brenda Jefferson Foster plead guilty yesterday to helping her family skim money from Jefferson family non profits.

Here is yesterday’s Times Picayune story on the guilty plea. This quote pretty well sums up the impact to the rest of the family:

Dealing a blow to her family’s hang-tough legal posture, Brenda Jefferson, the youngest sister of embattled U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, pleaded guilty Wednesday to concealing her knowledge of a conspiracy to skim money from nonprofit groups controlled by relatives.

The plea marked the first admission of guilt by a member of the Jefferson family, five of whom have been charged with federal crimes in the past year. Continue reading “This Episode of the Jeffersons Features Prisoner’s Dilemma: Brenda Rats Out Her Family”

Missouri Firms are Out in Ex Rel Rigsby. Senter Compels Scruggs Discovery in McIntosh

Rossmiller gets the scoop. The order was evidently handed down Monday. Here is the order setting the 45 day time frame for the Rigsby’s to engage new counsel.

Yallpolitics gets the scoop on Judge Senter’s order compelling Scruggs related discovery in McIntosh.

We’ve added these docs to our legal pages.

About those Boiler Plate State Farm Engineering Reports….

Thanks to our good friend Rick Trahant we have the trial exhibit which illustrates how State Farm wind insureds had little chance of collecting for wind damage from the good neighbor after Katrina. One wonders of the extent of independence among the engineers that worked for State Farm that let claims management there write their reports in advance of their visit to the claimant’s property:

This is a suggested format for the written evaluation of a structure. Please be sure to include the header information and reference the loss by address and claim number. An opening paragraph is appropriate detailing your assignment and disclaimer.

Hurricane Katrina struck southeast Louisiana during the early morning hours on August 29, 2005, as a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. The eye made landfall in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, just south of the town of Buras with sustained winds of around 140 MPH at 6:10 AM. The strongest winds were associated with the east eyewall which passed to the east of New Orleans. Continue reading “About those Boiler Plate State Farm Engineering Reports….”

Time for the slabbed to dig deep and return the blessing

As I was watching the 10PM news on WLOX last night I was struck by the reports from Iowa which showed the locals returning to their flooded out houses. Of course us slabbers are very familiar with the “look” of disbelief and profound sadness that accompanies the realization of the totality of the loss, especially family pictures and other mementos of sentimental significance.

We’re also familar with the hope that accompanies seeing a Red Cross truck delivering hot meals and what a help it is not having worry about preparing a meal while digging out from the muck and salvaging that which can be saved.

I noted this story in today’s Sun Herald on the Iowa flooding, the Red Cross and South Mississippians answering the call. We all need to dig deep and help those that were flooded out anyway we can. 

Altruistic flood veterans from South Mississippi are returning the favor in Middle America, but empathy and economics are two different things. 

The American Red Cross has had to borrow money to provide shelter and food in Iowa, Missouri and other parts of the Midwest affected by the flood. Recent disasters that created far fewer headlines have drained the Red Cross’ bank account. Continue reading “Time for the slabbed to dig deep and return the blessing”