Admiral Lisanby takes the stand – “I trusted them completely”

Adm. James W. Lisanby had been doing business with USAA for 55 years, on all his homeowner and automobile insurance coverage.

“I trusted them completely,” he told a Jackson County jury Thursday morning. But as his testimony unfolded, he showed how he came to believe the company abandoned him…

Lisanby estimates it would take $1.6 million to replace the 6,000-square-foot historic home with eight fireplaces, 10-foot wide halls on both floors and heart-pine flooring. They also lost a guest house and garage-greenhouse… Continue reading “Admiral Lisanby takes the stand – “I trusted them completely””

Even “without a pot to pee in”, we “know how do things up right”

Some say even the Great Depression was barely noticeable here – one of the perks of poverty, I suppose, is being so poor that having less is impossible.

But, never let it be said that Mississippi mamas didn’t teach their kids how to do things up right – particularly for the comfort of guests. So, any of you folks heading for the beaches here next summer are going to be greeted with comfort, according to this story from WLOX.

Beach visitors this summer will have to use portable toilets again. Plans to rebuild the comfort stations along the beach have been in the works for well over a year…Only a few wooden pieces remain of the old beach comfort station near the coast coliseum. It will be rebuilt, along with six others, but not finished until next summer.

Current plans call for the restroom buildings to cost $1.2 million each. But there’s a reason for the seemingly high price tag.

Folks, we couldn’t get a million-two if we sold every outhouse in the State – including all the fancy concrete block ones.  These things are going to be “some kind of nice”.

The director of CTA calls the newly designed bathroom bunker, “Katrina proof.”

“And we feel like being responsible with the taxpayer’s dollars. Based on a history, as we know it, we need to put something down there that will withstand that tidal surge. And that’s our design, our current design will do exactly that,” said Kevin Coggin, who directs the Coast Transit Authority.

Coggin says the newly designed comfort stations are not only durable, but attractive. They’re “Florida style”, but mostly pre-cast concrete. Continue reading “Even “without a pot to pee in”, we “know how do things up right””

Wind sucked the walls out of Lisanby’s house!

A civil engineer said Katrina’s wind sucked exterior walls from a home and caused other significant damage USAA insurance said was caused by water and refused to cover.

He used photos taken by USAA to describe to a Circuit Court jury the wind’s damaging effects on the two-story home of Adm. James W. and Gladys Kemp Lisanby, policyholders suing the company.

“If I have an engineering student in my class and he does not see this is wind damage, I will flunk him,” said Ralph Sinno, a civil engineer and professor at Mississippi State University.

Sinno, who speaks with a Lebanese accent, told the jury almost as soon as he took the witness stand: “I was able to arrive at a very convincing conclusion. The Lisanby home was damaged by the wind loading to the house. If there was water in the house due to storm surge, this water was a Johnny-come-lately.”

Sinno also said the roof was subjected to uplift from the wind and the interior of the house to a “tunneling effect.”

Anita Lee provided this update on testimony in Lisanby v USAA in today’s Sun Herald. USAA holds that water destroyed the first floor of the house and on that basis the Linsanby’s claim was properly handled and paid. Continue reading “Wind sucked the walls out of Lisanby’s house!”

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” about the Relators’ attorneys

I stand squarely in the corner with the two Missouri firms on their request for reconsideration of their disqualification – chiefly because of the way State Farm has handled it from their end – although I fully understand and support Judge Senter’s goal of getting the policy holder cases “clean” so the likelihood of challenges once they are decided in his court is reduced to a minimum.

What he’s missed, skirted, or flat out ignored IMO is McIntosh is an inappropriate case for deciding anything about the two Missouri firms.

In that regard – and without benefit of the legal education of many of our readers – I don’t see how his decision can stand – right or wrong. In other words, I think this one has to start all over. Continue reading ““If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” about the Relators’ attorneys”

The Coast Chorale Does DC and KaBOOM

Those readers whom have been with us since the beginnings of this endeavor may remember the Christmas post by Promise on the old blogspot site. It contained a Youtube clip of the Coast Chorale, a non profit coastal community chorus singing for Broadway entertainers who came here in December 2005 to spread some Christmas cheer through music and song.

The Chorale was out and singing early on after the storm, initially for the first responders at the local hospital and later for anyone who came here to work with the slabbed while we dug out from the ruin. Today they are in Washington DC with western Pennsylvania on tap in their goodwill tour to say a personal thank you through singing to the “Buck-Mont” communities that turned out big for Hancock County after the storm. Continue reading “The Coast Chorale Does DC and KaBOOM”