We sometimes give The Farm hell. Here is an attaboy courtesy of USAA.

Anita Lee filed this report on Lisanby v USAA. As I like to observe, the ironies are delicious. State Farm customer Mike Church is also a satisfied wind customer. After following Aiken v USAA (Judge Senter’s courtroom) early this year I can’t help but think that if this is the best the Admiral has in terms of evidence, he may very well be disappointed in the juries findings. Here is the Anita Lee report:

Satisfied State Farm customer Mike Church testified this afternoon for a Pascagoula couple who is suing their insurance company, USAA, over uncovered Katrina damage. 

Church, his wife and youngest son were in their home on Big Lake, which feeds into Biloxi’s Back Bay, when Katrina hit on Aug. 29, 2005. He testified about all the damage the wind did to the home before 3 to 4 feet of water surged in.

Structural damage, he said, was confined to the first floor of the two-story house. The wind knocked out windows, French doors and the plywood covering them on the home’s south side. Plywood and debris blew in. Continue reading “We sometimes give The Farm hell. Here is an attaboy courtesy of USAA.”

If it was a snake (farm tactic) it would have bit you – Ouch!

Talk about putting something in plain sight – take a look at the motive and memorandum State Farm filed today in opposition to the motion for reconsideration filed by the two disqualified Missouri law firms and see if you can figure out what you’re reading.

If you guess opposition to the Writ of Mandamus the two firms want to file with the 5th Circuit, say “ouch”

Now, what does that put in plain sight? Continue reading “If it was a snake (farm tactic) it would have bit you – Ouch!”

Breaking – but not surprising – news: State Farm files response opposing reconsideration of Rigsby’s Qui Tam lawyers

Thought I’d post the documents so everyone had the opportunity to read at “tea time” as we say. So here’s the State Farm’s response and supporting memorandum. I’ve just had time to glance over both.

Back shortly with comments and the exhibits. Up and dirty, Sop, if you’re mixing.

Cori Rigsby files response to Judge Walker’s order

Cori, by and through her counsel, submitted documents per order of Judge Walker – and belle and I teamed up to get this up to add to you “tea time” reading.  As she says, we’ll be back to connect you with the orders.

There was one document that Cori and her counsel were not sure about since it seemed it might fall into the category of documents that fall under Judge Acker’s preliminary injunction that would keep State Farm from seeing it. Notice of Documents Submitted in Camera

Judge Walker issued an order today saying that all of the documents in the privilege log were privileged but the document in question did not fall into the category of documents under the preliminary injunction.   Log of Privileged Files.

Order will be forthcoming shortly.

New York Times – “Laws against bribery must be used carefully”

Yes, “Laws against bribery must be used carefully” in every case, including that of former Alabama Governor Siegelman – the subject of a Sunday editorial. h/t legalsnauzer

Mr. Siegelman was the Democrats’ strongest candidate to retake the Alabama governorship, and Congress has uncovered evidence that the United States attorney’s office in Montgomery — with possible White House input — may have decided to prosecute him to undermine his campaign…

While Congress examines those allegations, Mr. Siegelman is asking the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, in Atlanta, to reverse his case on the law…Siegelman was convicted of bribery and related crimes and sentenced to more than seven years, and served nine months before being freed on appeal.

Laws against bribery must be used carefully...there needs to be an express quid pro quo — something the prosecutors did not prove in Mr. Siegelman’s case…(emphasis added)

Congress…should keep investigating this prosecution and what role crass politics may have played. While it does, the 11th Circuit should cast a skeptical eye on this case, based on the law and the facts.

While stopping by the Times for this story, I happened on one about another case I’ve been following – chiefly because so many of the stories about the plea agreement and sentencing of Mel Weiss also mention Dick Scruggs. Continue reading “New York Times – “Laws against bribery must be used carefully””

An 82 year old widow lady on State Farm canceling her out

Marshall Ramsey has a way of telling big stories with just a few drawingsMarshall Ramsey and that is certainly the case with his State Farm leaving the coast editorial cartoon from last week. The decision caused every consumer pause for reflection, even those with more jaded opinions of the wind-water litigation.

Most confused are the State Farm lifers; the customers who have been with the Farm faithfully all their lives. They are the newest casualties of the ongoing insurance battles.

Last Friday Danielle Thomas told the story of 82 year old Evelyn Meers for viewers of WLOX TV. Ms Evelyn is a woman who typifies the bond of trust between an insurer and their customers that Nowdy so often writes eloquently about. She is yet another example the of collateral damage caused by the apparent poor decisions made by State Farm in adjusting slab claims. Here is the WLOX print report:

The non-renewal letters may not arrive for several months, but hundreds of Mississippi coast residents who are losing their property insurance are already starting to think about life after State Farm. Continue reading “An 82 year old widow lady on State Farm canceling her out”