Anita Lee reports on Lisanby v USAA

Front and center in today’s Sun Herald is Anita Lee’s sympathetic portrait of a retired Jackson County community leader and his fight against USAA. We hope the S/H will cover the trial gavel to gavel as today’s story is short on case facts though one tidbit did stand out. USAA has delayed the proceedings 5 times. Here are some excerpts:

By all accounts, Adm. James W. and Gladys Kemp Lisanby are exceptional individuals.

He helped usher in the modern shipbuilding era at Ingalls. She married a Navy ensign and raised an admiral, as they like to say, along the way organizing a relief office for Navy families in Pascagoula and countless teas, receptions and dinners in their turn-of-the-century waterfront home on the Sound.

Wytheflair, their home was called. Gulf breezes circulated through wide halls upstairs and down. They loved the heart pine floors, the wainscoting, transoms over the doors, eight fireplaces, gardens filled with azaleas, Continue reading “Anita Lee reports on Lisanby v USAA”