Lackey and Balducci- the Laurel and Hardy of judicial bribery

As I read the Objections to the presentencing investigative report on Sid Backstrom filed by attorney Frank Trapp, two thoughts came to mind almost simultaneously.

One, that Lackey and Balducci were the Laurel and Hardy of judicial bribery – the this is another fine mess you’ve gotten me into leaders of what never was meant to be; and, the other

Frank Trapp writes like the honorable man he’s reported to be and honors all with his candor – his client, the co-defendants, and the Court – while objecting to the report.

To avoid misunderstanding, these objections are solely to place the conduct in what counsel believes is a fair and accurate statement of the facts and law. It is not to avoid or diminish acceptance of responsibility by Mr. Backstrom. To be clear, whether in the first instant a lawyer offers money or a judge asks for money, the payment of money by a lawyer to a judge is illegal—that is not disputed.

His “fair and accurate statement of the facts” also provides the most coherent account to date of what took place – and what didn’t. You’ll want to read every word. Continue reading “Lackey and Balducci- the Laurel and Hardy of judicial bribery”

Yo Rafael Welcome to Slabbed. Perdigao rats out Sholes

We have a Jamie Perdigao update. Before we link a large pdf of his detailed complaint to the Metropolitan Crime Comission we’ll step back a few days to a Times Picayune story I missed while traveling.

In a status conference held Friday, U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon, who had been weighing Perdigao’s request for an evidentiary hearing on his claims, ruled that no hearing was necessary. Fallon also denied the request to recuse Letten’s office at the status conference.

Fallon has yet to issue a written ruling, although he intends to, according to a minute entry in the court file.

Perdigao’s attorney, Bill Wessel, said he has not decided what his next step will be. Continue reading “Yo Rafael Welcome to Slabbed. Perdigao rats out Sholes”