While Senter’s Qui Tam Burns, Acker, Renfroe & State Farm Churn

We have a new Renfroe v Rigsby page that we are still updating with docs as they have come out from under seal. Belle & Nowdy have literally spent hours pouring through them helping make me look good to our readers. The ladies are simply heaven sent gifts to the slabbed.

This post will be long out of necessity. As Nowdy posted yesterday even his worship, Judge Acker pointed out Renfroe V Rigsby and Ex Rel Rigsby were joined at the hip. To get our readers up to speed we start by linking a New York Times News story from January 2007 on the proposed settlement between SKG and State Farm that Judge Senter ultimately rejected:

To close the deal, State Farm wants the approval of Mississippi’s attorney general, Jim Hood, and the state’s insurance regulator, George Dale, lawyers close to the talks said. As a condition of the deal, these lawyers said, Mr. Hood would be required to drop a criminal investigation into State Farm’s handling of claims as well as a civil lawsuit against State Farm and other insurers. Continue reading “While Senter’s Qui Tam Burns, Acker, Renfroe & State Farm Churn”

Depositions show cause for Senter to reconsider Rigsby decisions

Add another “D” to the State Farm – Renfroe delay-deny-deceive strategy – distract – and give some of the credit to Judge Acker for his “free legal advice”.

Worked like a charm on the test run that resulted in Judge Senter disqualifying the Rigsby sisters’s qui tam counsel, the sisters as witnesses in policy holder cases and made the copied documents inadmissible as evidence in those cases as well.

The distract component is a pyramid scheme that takes a truth gleaned from a deposition at the bottom and colors it with questions in subsequent depositions until it a big fat lie with just enough truth to appear credible when translated into urban legends like “trailer Todd” – legends with little regard for the truth at the bottom.

Behind the scene at SLABBED, we’ve been busily dissecting depositions searching for the truths at the Continue reading “Depositions show cause for Senter to reconsider Rigsby decisions”

Judge Senter denies State Farm’s Motion to Disqualify Provost & Umphrey

H/T Humpty Dumpty. Anita Lee is reporting from the Sun Herald that Judge Senter has allowed the Texas law firm, Provost & Umphrey, to represent the former clients of the disqualified SKG and KLG lawyers in their pursuit of justice against State Farm.

Provost Umphrey came on board after Senter’s order was filed. He found no evidence of prior association between Provost Umphrey and SKG, and also found nothing improper about SKG members helping former clients find new representation.

The Memorandum Opinion is linked there as well.

Do Not Discuss, Do Not Pay

I just can’t help myself, this excerpt from Kerri Rigsby’s 1-26-07 deposition needs to be out here and Sop got called away before he could get the kick-off post up. It is absolutely incredible by every sense of the word.

The next thing that was unusual or irregular was that we would be paying our flood claims immediately. Normally flood is a – is a more tedious claim to work. There’s a lot of paper, a lot of protocol, documents that go along with the flood program that you have to fill out. And they were shortening that process, which was great for the policyholder. We didn’t have to get a — you know, we didn’t have to use al the documents that we previously used. They gave us a program where we could write an estimate quickly called XactTotal. And they advised that we could use that, where we put in a square foot and it spit our a dollar amount.

We were told we could go ahead and pay those flood claims right away, and then we would order an engineer after that, which was unusual because, in my mind, I thought, well, that was kind of strange that we would go ahead and pay before the investigation was — you know, they were saying they needed to be investigated. I thought, well, it’s good that we’re getting money into the policyholder’s hands.

So at the time, I thought, that’s great. We can go ahead and give them this money. They can — they have money to get started on what they need to do.

So it was — it was just unusual that we would go ahead and pay for policy limits under a flood claim and then send an engineer to investigate. I thought that was unusual. Continue reading “Do Not Discuss, Do Not Pay”

No financial “benefit” from successful bribe of Judge Lackey – Presentencing report is total bullshit!

Someone needs to find the wizard that calculated the financial benefit of a successful bribe of Judge Lackey and give him a crash course in basic addition and subtraction.

The sonofabitch ought to be easy to spot – he’s the on wearing a Dunce cap!

Backstrom’s atorneys have filed a 16-page objection to the presentencing report submitted to Judge Biggers to consider at sentencing according to news stories here and here.

WTF is so hard to understand about calculating “gain” when 0 – 0 = 0? The bribe (sic) was to compel arbitration – Lackey’s only legal option with or without a bribe (sic). Continue reading “No financial “benefit” from successful bribe of Judge Lackey – Presentencing report is total bullshit!”

Breaking: Department of Archives and History Recommends Storm Damaged Gulfport Library for Landmark Status

DLP just called with the news and slabbed gets the scoop. We the People is obviously very pleased with the recommendation. Here is the Sun Herald advance story on the meeting.


So, While State Farm Pulls Outs and Raises Rates, Small Businesses are Closing

WLOX lead off last night’s newscast with the closure of three Old Town Bay St Louis small businesses, the latest victims of Katrina’s local economic impact and out of control insurance rate increases. Just Duit was in business for 12 years. Pre Katrina the OldTown/Main Street shopping district was a small business mecca of sorts with all manner of art galleries, restaurants and gift shops.  At 1:04 in the WLOX video is a gentleman whom Commissioner Chaney is familiar as he attended his wedding last year in Vicksburg. He is running out of places to buy “nice things” for his wife, whom I’m certain Mr Chaney would agree is a fantastic young lady. Like the old days Hancock Countians have Slidell to fall back upon. Bobby Jindal could make good use of the sales tax…..

Commissioner Chaney also no doubt remembers Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tish William’s presentation last August at Gene Taylor’s town hall meeting. Following is the You Tube video of her segment where she has small business owners stand as she recounts how out of control insurance costs were “killing” them and how they were left out of the vast majority of post Katrina economic redevelopment funding. Three of those small business owners who stood with Tish then have now disappeared from the scene…. Continue reading “So, While State Farm Pulls Outs and Raises Rates, Small Businesses are Closing”