New Developments in USA v Perdigao v Adams & Reese (Updated 2X)

There are two new filings in the case of Perdigao v Adams & Reese, one reassiging the case to another judge and one that contains some standing procedures for RICO case progression.  We also have the Order Granting Perdigao permission to amend witness list and a supplemental Government response against the holding the hearing. It contains a transcript of Perdigao’s Edward’s trial testimony. All of these filings are on our Perdigao legal page.

Per Mr NAAS (and thanks for the heads up) there was a hearing on the criminal side with Judge Fallon taking a dim view of Mr Perdigao’s requests for hearing and recusal. Portfolio magazine has the story:

Implicit in the bribery accusations was Perdigao’s own hope that the U.S. attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Louisiana would be forced to recuse itself from trying the criminal case now staring him down.

But that now will not happen, with the judge in the case ruling on Friday against Perdigao’s motion. Continue reading “New Developments in USA v Perdigao v Adams & Reese (Updated 2X)”

Breaking: FEMA a Bunch of “Buttheads” per Gene

I guess Gene is on a roll (give ’em hell Gene;). JR Welch has the breaking Sun Herald story:

An official reaction to FEMA’s no-ice policy came from U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor who referred to FEMA officials as a “bunch of buttheads.”

Last week, officials were told that FEMA had decided to only supply ice for use in medical emergencies and life-saving reasons. It’s left local officials scrambling to figure out ways to make it available for the general public.

During a meeting with Hancock County Board of Supervisors this morning Taylor said he intends to write to FEMA to register his objections to the new policy. He also urged Hancoc supes as well as the city councils of waveland and bsl to send similar letters of objection. Continue reading “Breaking: FEMA a Bunch of “Buttheads” per Gene”

The May Report

Time is short so will be the report unlike April’s where I promised to have the insurance tab done by 5-31. Oh well, we all have day jobs too. Traffic increased very nicely, especially in the area of time on site. Of course we welcome our new visitors that discovered us with some of our more popular posts in late May. Here is the run down:

Our most popular topic has been the story of James Perdigao and the nuclear strategy in his legals fights with Jim Letten and Adams & Reese. Slabbed intersection with the case involves former Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Robert Wooley. We are honored to learn former Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown linked us on his blog. He is on the old Rock of New Orleans these days. Sweet!

Slabbed’s brothers and sisters in Louisiana like to keep up with Mississippi’s Katrina Insurance Continue reading “The May Report”

Say it ain’t so, Joe – Provost Umphrey calls State Farm out

Those Texas boys flat called it like they see it in their Response to State Farm’s motion requesting Judge Senter to decide if they are an “Associated” firm and the laid in on them again in their Response to State Farm’s motion to compel compliance with his order.

Good catch, bellesouth! I’m going to pitch it; but, watch out – these folks really come out swinging.

Plaintiffs Glenda Shows, et al.,respectfully file this Memorandum of Law in Response to… Although State Farm thrice filed its motion [367, 369, 371] and supporting memorandum [368,370, 372], the motions and memoranda appear to be identical., (emphasis added)

Pursuant to Local Rule 7.2(F), Plaintiffs request that the Court set this motion for a hearing at such time and place as may suit the convenience of the Court, and allow Plaintiffs’ counsel the opportunity to appear in person before the Court and present oral argument.

I wasn’t certain what to expect from Provost-Umphrey – primarily because Mr. Barrett takes “a little getting use to”, as we say. However, if you expect a justice to be blind – and I do – then you’re likewise obligation to focus on fact – and, the fact is that the Provost-Umphrey response is a very professional and thorough document that takes every issue head-on. Continue reading “Say it ain’t so, Joe – Provost Umphrey calls State Farm out”

Scrugges ask Judge Walker to send State Farm to Judge Acker

Who wouldn’t in their place? With Judge Acker already mad as a hatter, it’s hard to find fault with the Scrugges for pointing out Judge Acker controls the documents copied by the Rigsby sisters – and that’s exactly what they do in this Reply in support of their opposition to Judge Walker’s order compelling them to turn over documents to State Farm.

Not that the Scruggses are unwilling, they remind the Court – just unwilling to do anything that puts them at risk of contempt in Judge Acker’s court.

…the Order of the Magistrate Judge appears to call for production of documents that may be subject to Judge Acker’s injunction. The Scruggses continue to object to any order that could put them in violation of Judge Acker’s December 8, 2006 preliminary injunction order. Judge Acker’s preliminary injunction specifically required the Scruggses to return the relevant documents to Defendant Renfroe and “not to further disclose” any documents “downloaded, Continue reading “Scrugges ask Judge Walker to send State Farm to Judge Acker”