Perdigao v Adams & Reese: Robert Wooley You Magnificent Bastard, Welcome to Slabbed

Our readers may remember Weiss v Allstate attorney Richard Trahant occasionally stops in to chat with us. Today, he dropped by with the mother of all tips, the case of Perdiago v Adams & Reese L.L.P. et al filed Tuesday in New Orleans which we have added to our legal pages. This is a very long post but I hope our readers will take the time to read it and consider the implications of the misconduct alleged against Adams and Reese.

I did some googling and found this case had a little something for everyone and featured all the usual suspects, Edwin Edwards, indicted US Representative William Jefferson, former Mayor Marc Morial, disgraced former Orleans Parish DA (and former Clinton era NOLA US Attorney) Eddie Jordan, Robert Guidry plus a entire gaggle of local political figures. Frankly, reading the RICO complaint against Adams and Reese coupled with the news stories has me convinced this case is huge in its implications. First some background from Baton Rouge Channel 9.

The federal court case that sent former Governor Edwin Edwards to prison has a potential new can of worms. New paperwork filed in a mail fraud case lists Congressman William Jefferson as participating in a bribery scheme between former Treasure Chest Casino owner Robert Guidry and former U.S. Attorney Eddie Jordan. Both Guidry and Jordan were key players in the Edwards case…… Continue reading “Perdigao v Adams & Reese: Robert Wooley You Magnificent Bastard, Welcome to Slabbed”

Here is Something for Our Beef Plant Readers to Chew On

Belle alerted me that lawyers for This Facility Group filed a motion Tuesday seeking a subpoena of Community Bank’s records on their business dealings in connection with the failed beef plant. The filing strikes me as routine but the part I found interesting is that despite a loan guarantee by the Mississippi Development Authority, Community Bank experienced some heartburn with the management of the project by Missississippi Beef Processors LLP. I found this quote on page 2.

Despite the State guarantee, the bank refused just a few months later to fund the first construction draw due to concerns over the management of the project.

My experience is this would be highly unusual as the loan was essentially risk free for Community Bank yet here we are at the earliest stages of the project with red flags flying. I can’t imagine the politicians sending tax money down an obvious black hole without getting a brown paper bag in return. It will be most interesting to hear why Community Bank refused to fund the first draw on a guaranteed loan.

Against this backdrop we fast forward to the 2008 Mississippi Senate campaign for Trent Lott’s old seat. Continue reading “Here is Something for Our Beef Plant Readers to Chew On”

“It’s like deja-vu, all over again” – the Renfroe motions

Yogi must have designed the game plan for the Renfroe’s because when you read the Motions, it’s just like reading State Farm’s April version all over again.

However, no silver platter was in sight when Judge Walker issued this Order – he, no doubt, as shocked as anyone else to see motions filed against the defenseless Rigsby sisters.

Because Relators are presently without counsel due to the disqualification order, the Court finds the briefing schedule for pending motions should be stayed until further order of the Court. It is therefore, ORDERED, that the briefing schedule for all pending motions is stayed until further order of the Court.

Maybe even more shocked than most, actually. Who wouldn’t be with the Renfroes (again) pressing for Summary Judgment when there’s been no Discovery – and then there’s that little bitty inconsistency between the one the Renfroes filed in Alabama and the one they filed in Mississippi based on USC 31-3730 (4) Continue reading ““It’s like deja-vu, all over again” – the Renfroe motions”

The Allstate Challenge, Victoria Pynchon and “Insured”

In our April Report I disclosed our most popular post of all time had nothing to do with insurance, rather it was about an ill advised You Tube video put up by a Gulfport resident asking for money. I’m pleased to report that has since changed as our Allstate Challenge post from April entry has shattered the previous record. We still get referrals from Victoria Pynchon’s highly rated Negotiation Blog to this day.  My wondering why we experienced a spike in referrals from a 6 week old blog entry lead me to a recent comment left there by the user insured that members of the slabbed community can certainly relate:

If you haven’t experienced first hand one of the worst nightmares you can imagine then your understanding is peripheral. When you have nothing but the clothes on your back and a policy of insurance that protects shareholders and company profits more than the insured the answer is you are not protected at all.

That sentiment certainly resonates here on the Mississippi coast along with the feelings of betrayal and anger toward many insurance companies felt by “McKinsied” policyholders. Continue reading “The Allstate Challenge, Victoria Pynchon and “Insured””