Breaking news: Renfroe files motion to dismiss Rigsby Qui Tam

Here’s the latest set of documents E.A. Renfroe has filed.  This time they’ve going after the literally defenseless Rigsby  sisters – proof position Judge Senter’s ill-founded decision to disqualify their Qui Tam counsel was contrary to the public interest. Continue reading “Breaking news: Renfroe files motion to dismiss Rigsby Qui Tam”

Oh Well a Rant it is…..

You buy the “big ass bottle of whiskey” in Louisville. You can buy the Grey Goose just about anywhere.

Who wudda thunk it Nowdy and Belle? Google “big ass bottle of whiskey” and up comes slabbed. Google “big ass bottle of Grey Goose” and up comes slabbed. I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing.

Now if only the Caps and Sop could get together for that fancy ass tequila or is that the Sops and the Cap….Ann you out there honey? Say the word and I’m on a plane. The wife understands…..


Sop What in the Heck Have You Been Doing?

This is a multiple choice quiz. Don’t peek at the answer.

1. Hiding in the woods calculating terminated vested benefits under an ERISA plan qualified under section 401(a).  The first lawyer I met who could fetch $500/hour was Bill Jeffress. Those ERISA lawyers are my kind of people.

2. Working with a developer on a 1000 unit++ PUD in Jackson County.

3. Internal control consulting with a local goverment.

4. Watching scantily clad young women frolic on the beach.

5. Drinking heavily with relatives over at the local State Farm agent’s house.

And the answer is: Continue reading “Sop What in the Heck Have You Been Doing?”

Did tort reform impact application of Duggins?

Just wondering and decided to post the question – not that the thought struck me out of the blue but that the question is one a lawyer would need to answer and that I’m not.

Given Judge Senter’s decisions disqualifying law firms that were not members of SKG, I’ve been researching the concept of vicarious liability – research that led to the related concept of joint and several liability and a website that explained related Mississippi tort reform legislation

Joint Liability Reform: H.B. 13 (special session) (2004). Abolishes joint and several liability. Provides that defendants are not responsible for any fault allocated to an immune tortfeasor or a tortfeasor whose liability is limited by law.

Here’s a link to the legislation signed into law. Feedback wanted and most welcome.

Madison and Chatham Counties Put Moultrie and The Facility Group Out to Pasture

The jail design build contracts in Chatham and Madison Counties have been a continuing source of discussion here on slabbed and elsewhere in cyberspace.  Concerned gave some background on the Madison County Jail Project here. Citizen asked specifically about the Madison County NC project later on the same thread.

Since I’m coming back off a long holiday weekend I’m going to be lazy and post a few links I found googling with little of my own commentary. I have the word out among my Carolina construction cyber friends in case anything else surfaces. As always we thank Bellesouth for searching and sharing the PACER docs on this case. We checked late last week there has been no activity since Moultrie polygraph motion was turned down by Judge Mills.

In researching this case I’m getting the feeling that Ronnie Musgrove was not the only politician to receive money from The Facility Group’s ownership and management. Now with the indictments here in Mississippi Moultrie and his company have become somewhat radioactive.

Construction companies can fail on a dime if the marketplace loses confidence in the ability of the contractor to deliver, especially in multi year projects. I do not know enough about TFG to say if they are strong enough to survive this rough patch. Continue reading “Madison and Chatham Counties Put Moultrie and The Facility Group Out to Pasture”