Eeny, Meenie, Miny, Moe

If you have a case against State Farm, you’re already in the game. Judge Senter made that Rule. What you’re trying to do is stay in the game – and to keep playing you need a lawyer.

To start the pick-a-lawyer game, just pick one – Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.
Catch a lawyer by the toe.
If State Farm squeals, don’t let go.
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

My mother said
To pick the very best one
And you’re it!

You picked Eeny. Sorry, you’ll have to pick again. Eeny’s second cousin twice removed went to kindergarten with the third son of the second wife of the uncle of Dickie Scruggs. Continue reading “Eeny, Meenie, Miny, Moe”

State Farm hands the torch to Renfroe – Senter asked to disqualify Provost-Umphrey UPDATED

Renfroe must have drawn the short straw when the gang got together to celebrate Judge Senter’s disqualification of the Qui Tam attorneys – and now they have filed a motion and memorandum seeking to disqualify Provost-Umphrey, the Texas firm selected by 200 or so plaintiffs formerly represent by KLG.

I suppose when you see a Judge base an order on assumptions, you assume he’ll do it again. Anita Lee has the story. Continue reading “State Farm hands the torch to Renfroe – Senter asked to disqualify Provost-Umphrey UPDATED”

and the rich get richer while…

Not that I’d call any of the cities on the Coast rich – or any in Mississippi, for that matter – but the story on the relative wealth of rebuilding funds in Biloxi raises some important issues.

Gulfport is the state’s second largest city, population 72,464 (2005 estimate). Biloxi trails at 50,209 (2005 estimate), but the two cities, which both saw major destruction from hurricane Katrina in 2005, are a study in contrast when it comes to rebuilding and their receipt of Federal Emergency Management Agency re-imbursement funds.

FEMA has obligated over $190 million for repairs in Gulfport…Biloxi, however…will receive some $490 million in FEMA re-imbursement money, nearly a half billion dollars for repairs and rebuilding city services and infrastructure…

The FEMA reimbursement program is just that, a reimbursement process. Local governments often have to spend their own money for the repairs and work, then, FEMA will repay them….[and]…Biloxi went into the disaster with more money on hand then any Coast city. Continue reading “and the rich get richer while…”

Ok Everyone Lets Panic and Raise Insurance Rates Again: 2008 Hurricane Forecast is Out

I have seen the end of the world once. So for whatever reason NOAA’s forecast doesn’t scare me. The new generator needs to run some anyhow and Lord knows the powerline workers could use the overtime. Plus since the gird is offline we’d be saving fossil fuels. 😉

Here is the WLOX story.

Government forecasters expect the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season to be near normal or above normal.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials in Tampa say that means there is a 60 to 70 percent chance of 12 to 16 named storms, six to nine hurricanes and two to five major hurricanes forming. But they stress coastal residents should always be prepared. They don’t predict whether, where or when any of these storms may hit land.

An average season has 11 named storms, including six hurricanes for which two reach major status.

Speaking of Horizons (Updated)

In one of my many posts yesterday I mentioned the Horizons development in Stone County going up in smoke. Like Pearl River County to the west Stone County has been a net Katrina beneficiary. Geography made land speculation inevitable. Horizons was the over the top project that smart money knew would never come to fruition but not so fast according to Sun Herald article source Gerald Bond:

Unpaid debts and a stagnant housing market are jeopardizing a megadevelopment proposed in Stone County, but county officials are hearing an auction scheduled for Friday will be called off because developers are going to catch up on their loan payments.

“I’m hearing from good sources that they’re going to catch it up, but who knows?” Chancery Clerk Gerald Bond said Wednesday. “There’s a possibility they won’t.”

Mississippi Investors VI, a real estate investment partnership based in Florida, announced plans in January 2007 for a community of 8,000 single-family homes in 12 distinct villages. The company has purchased more than 10,000 acres from various companies and individuals. Continue reading “Speaking of Horizons (Updated)”