Rigsby Qui Tam – Motion for hearing and oral arguments filed

Attorneys for the Rigsby sisters filed a Motion for a hearing and oral arguments today on the State Farm motion seeking their disqualification claiming State Farm has filed a reply to the Relator’s response that raises new issues, continues to misread the relators’ answers to deposition questions, and generally suggests Relators’ counsel are guilty of criminal misconduct.

The Motion not only reminds the Court no discovery has taken place, it claims what some, myself included, have suspected given State Farm’s reliance on excerpts from depositions in other cases to support their position.

All of the “facts” asserted by State Farm come from discovery improperly conducted in other cases where counsel for the Relators were not present and had no opportunity to clear the record with proper questions.

The Motion also directly addresses State Farm’s contention the Rigsby’s counsel is subject to disqualification based on the Courts earlier order and subsequent clarification. Continue reading “Rigsby Qui Tam – Motion for hearing and oral arguments filed”

2 years 256 days and counting…

As we welcome former President Carter, his wife Rosalyn and a small army of Habitat for Humanity volunteers participating in the Carter Work Project, the Sun Herald took a look at where we stand almost three years after Katrina.

  • Some 45,000 FEMA trailers were placed in Mississippi to shelter storm victims. As of this week, there were 7,027 units still occupied. FEMA still operates 11 trailer parks, but more than 75 percent of the trailers are on private property. Continue reading “2 years 256 days and counting…”