Parked cars and “trailer lawyers”

Dogs don’t bark at parked cars; but, a parked trailer appears to be an entirely different matter – particularly if the Rigsby sisters are inside blowing the whistle on State Farm to a group of Qui Tam attorneys.

Of course, all dogs aren’t barking the same message. Some are woofing a warning bark (perceived territorial intrusion), others an alarm bark (informing others), and an undetermined number are barking at the owner’s request (on command).

Most of the noise about the trailer meetings, however, comes from those standing on two legs barking up the wrong tree because of a false premise in the syllogism at the core of their deductive reasoning. Continue reading “Parked cars and “trailer lawyers””

Good Job Brownie! The Rigsby Sisters & Why We Need to Clean House in DC

In Scott Bloch we find another striking example of why a thorough house cleaning and GOP purge is necessary in Washington DC this November. With this group of right wing ideologues in charge at DoJ is it any wonder Dunn Lampton still can’t make up his mind on intervening on Ex Rel Rigsby? How ironic the strange beds in which our Rigsby-hating State Farm apologist find themselves. What a mess.

The Wall Street Journal has the story.

Federal agents raided the Office of Special Counsel, a government agency involved in several high-profile and politically sensitive investigations. The agents seized computer files and documents from its chief, Scott Bloch, and his staff.

Mr. Bloch, who was appointed by President Bush, has been under investigation since 2005 by the Office of Personnel Management for employee claims that he abused his agency’s authority, retaliated against its staff and dismissed whistleblower cases without adequate examination. Mr. Bloch couldn’t be reached to comment. Continue reading “Good Job Brownie! The Rigsby Sisters & Why We Need to Clean House in DC”

But for the S.S. Camille it was time to say goodbye

What better anology to symbolize our recovery than having Grass Lawn brought back from the dead on the same day the S.S. Camille was demolished. As a child I remember both that boat and the barge that Camille laid across that section of Highway 90 back in 1970.  With the tug boat gone the trip on Highway 90 in West Gulfport just won’t be the same. Here is the Video report from WLOX. Following is their print story:

“We’re getting ready to move it. Tear it down. Time for it to go,” said owner Lucille Moody, as demolition crews prepared to tear down the S.S. Hurricane Camille tugboat.

Moody is bittersweet about losing the 72 foot long landmark.

Long a popular tourist attraction, in recent years the landmark deteriorated into more of an eyesore.

“It’s rusty. It’s been sitting there for 35 years. And it was built in 1943. So, it’s time for it to go,” said Moody.

As friends joined her in a champagne toast, a growing crowd gathered to watch or photograph this bit of coast history. Continue reading “But for the S.S. Camille it was time to say goodbye”

Grass Lawn is Back On….

As I predicted here, the Gulfport City Council had a change of heart and overwhelmingly approved accepting the $500,000 grant from the Department of Archives and History to complete the rebuilding fund for this symbol of Gulfport.

As Ryan LaFontaine makes clear in his report there is still a faction trying to link the old Library to Grass Lawn. Such is a political fools game in my opinion. Now for Mr LaFontaine’s Sun Herald story.

Two weeks after pulling the plug on Grass Lawn, the City Council on Tuesday voted to revive the historic mansion. 

The council last month voted against accepting a $500,000 grant from the state Department of Archives and History to help rebuild the antebellum Grass Lawn mansion.

But after several days of what some considered unfair media scrutiny, the council voted 6-1 to accept the money. Continue reading “Grass Lawn is Back On….”