Many Questions – Todd Graves’ Pro Hac Vice Motion for the Rigsby Sister’s Qui Tam

Before I had time to write the post to follow-up the Heads Up I posted last Thursday, the was already a presumption about the content in a related post elsewhere.

As David Rossmiller and the folks at Slabbed have noted (with presumably very different reactions), State Farm responded by opposing the motion. The very brief response says “For the reasons set forth in its April 8, 2008 ‘Motion to Disqualify Bartimus, Frickleton, Robertson & Gorney, PC and Graves Bartle & Marcus, LLC,’ (’Disqualification Motion’) ([103]) and the accompanying memorandum ([104]), State Farm opposes the Graves PHV Motion.”

State Farm’s response wasn’t exactly that brief. It has a little punch line at the end.

WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, State Farm prays that its Disqualification Motion will be granted and the Graves PHV Motion denied.

It’s a little late for prayer, folks, regardless of what Judge Senter decides. You just can’t ask many questions of the Rigsby sisters and expect the rest of us to read the answers your way. Continue reading “Many Questions – Todd Graves’ Pro Hac Vice Motion for the Rigsby Sister’s Qui Tam”

Moultrie had a Daubert hearing ee-i-ee-i-o

After the posting on dog days of insurance and a new way to skin a cat bond, news of a hearing in USA v Moultrie brought to mind here a cow, there a – oops, that’s the whole point isn’t – there were no cows $55,000,000 tax-payer dollars later.

Later is when we’ll find out why, too, the trial was moved to August.

Judge Mills not only granted the Motion for Continuance, he allowed the Daubert hearing that took place in Oxford last week. Daubert hearings are thought of as a trial within a trial – if you’re unfamiliar with these hearings to admit scientific evidence, you may find the information here helpful.

The government opposed the Defense request for the hearing; and, frankly, I’m surprised Judge Mills granted the request – read on and you may be, too. Continue reading “Moultrie had a Daubert hearing ee-i-ee-i-o”