The April Report

Since the readership response to the March Report on slabbed was very good I’ve decided to make it a  regular feature. This month I’ll share the post our readers liked plus a bit more about ourselves.

First off is the bit more. We truly appreciate the mentions and referrals we get from other sites like the New Orleans News Ladder, the Negotiation Law Blog, Yall Politics, and Folo. These are quality and very popular sites that generated a large number of referrals to us. Amazingly though, when I rang up the numbers earlier today from April they accounted for 3.6% of our total page views. However, not counted in that 3.6% is our single biggest referrer, wordpress tag searches. That said the overwhelming majority of our visitors (over 90%) come straight here and hail from the heart of the GO Zone. Nowdy and I are honored to be a regular stop on your daily cyber cruise.

Speaking of regular stops we more than doubled our traffic from March which way more than doubled our traffic from the old blogger site. We welcome our new readers. Now for the posts.

Our most viewed post of all time and easily the most popular had absolutely nothing to do with insurance, Dickie Scruggs or a politician. It was the story of an ill advised Youtube video by Michael Petro that you will no longer find available here for public viewing.  I took the post down as an act of forgiveness and that generated Nowdy and I our first batch of hate mail. I can only imagine the hate mail Michael Petro got………we still get daily searches for the post.

Next up is our most viewed page, about, which our new readers no doubt find most helpful in figuring out which lunatics run this asylum. Like I reported in March, our insurance page still generates lots of views and I promise to have something on it before the May report comes out. Now for the best of the rest.

The Herald Tribune took the Allstate Challenge and found claims practices with the insurance giant in need of further public scrutiny. I was most honored to have that post featured on Victoria Pynchon’s Negotiation Law Blog, a highly rated source according to the people at

Next up my partner Nowdy wrote a series of excellent posts concerning the new fangled lawyer version of whispering sweet nothings to a judge in her earwigging series. I don’t think we are quite finished with that topic.

Next up was a very easy post to write as it was mostly copy and paste on Graves, Bartle and Marcus letting Butler Snow and company know they were not shrinking violets when they launched their counter attack asking for sanctions against State Farm in Ex Rel Rigsby. That post set a single day record for page views at slabbed and was very popular with our readers in Bloomington. My thanks to Mr Claimsguy for presenting the alternative viewpoint.

Dreams come true
In blue Hawaii

Next up our readers crave balance and they found it in Slabbed is the Place for Qui Tam Balance which presented the only blog alternative to the State Farm PR version of events in the Rigsby Qui Tam case. Our earlier related post by Nowdy Justice Slabbed was right behind balance in our most popular list.

Next up is David Rosswigger, who was a naughty boy blogwigging Sarah Vance on behalf of Dunn Carney client Allstate in my Earwigging and Blawgs post that Nowdy used to begin her wildly popular series on the subject. My post was very popular with our readers in the US House of Representatives. Go figure. 😉

Not a post but another page, this one about People. It presents a non biased look at the many players that have made the story of the slabbed a tasty gumbo pot chock full of surprises, twists and turns.

Finally, our very popular post Like a Good Neighbor which presented the story of Jennie Hampton and her 10 year plus fight with State Farm rounds out our top ten list with only one day of viewing.

Thanks again to our readers and our best wishes for the month of May.


5 thoughts on “The April Report”

  1. We’ve had such a busy April, Sop, that it’s nice to be able to step back and take a look. I hope our readers enjoy your report. I know I did.

    I do want to add that SLABBED is very much a work in progress. We didn’t have time to “unpack” before things started popping – and here we are two months later and we’re still not done.

    Thanks for taking the time to put the report together.

  2. I was going to take a short cut on Insurance and reproduce Rep Taylor’s Ole Miss law journal article on the insurance page but my email to the contact I was given by Rep Taylor’s office at Ole Miss has not been answered or acknowledged.

    I’ll be able to get the same info up between excerpting the article and the power point slides of Rep Taylor’s issues+ answers lecture it will just take a bit longer.

  3. Slabbed,
    I owe an apology to you (y’all). I mentioned on another blog that I wasn’t sure how I felt about this site and misinterpreted some threads/posts/points of view expressed either here or from posters here on other blogs. Apologies. After realizing I jumped to a conclusion, I stepped back to read from a fair angle and found Slabbed a great read!
    Keep it up.

  4. Why thank you Mr CCVZ for the compliment. Nowdy and I work hard to provide content from the perspective of informed insurance consumers and in my case an impacted resident from the heart of the GO Zone.

    We all have our biases and we fully disclose ours. We don’t have an economic dog in the Katrina litigation hunt beyond wanting to see the communities here on the coast rebuilt; what Nowdy calls the social community.

    You didn’t owe us an apology though as much as a fair reading which you said you gave us and that we appreciate. Come back and visit with us anytime. The day jobs sometimes keep me and Nowdy busy like today but generally one of us is around most all the time.

    On tap is a shredding post that presents an alternative viewpoint and some context for the Rigsby document dump plus that insurance page I’ve been promising.


  5. I saw your comment, CCVZ, when I stopped by to hurriedly post the Graves documents and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write.

    Stop by any time and join in whenever you like. Thanks, again.

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