The April Report

Since the readership response to the March Report on slabbed was very good I’ve decided to make it a  regular feature. This month I’ll share the post our readers liked plus a bit more about ourselves.

First off is the bit more. We truly appreciate the mentions and referrals we get from other sites like the New Orleans News Ladder, the Negotiation Law Blog, Yall Politics, and Folo. These are quality and very popular sites that generated a large number of referrals to us. Amazingly though, when I rang up the numbers earlier today from April they accounted for 3.6% of our total page views. However, not counted in that 3.6% is our single biggest referrer, wordpress tag searches. That said the overwhelming majority of our visitors (over 90%) come straight here and hail from the heart of the GO Zone. Nowdy and I are honored to be a regular stop on your daily cyber cruise.

Speaking of regular stops we more than doubled our traffic from March which way more than doubled our traffic from the old blogger site. We welcome our new readers. Now for the posts. Continue reading “The April Report”

Allstate forced to give discount if wind excluded –

Times Picayune reporter Rebecca Mowbray has the story on the latest move by the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

Starting in July, thousands of Allstate customers with homeowners policies that exclude wind coverage will get a break on their insurance bills, thanks to an effort by the Louisiana Department of Insurance that forced companies to increase the discounts they offer people who take on some of the risk of insuring their homes themselves.

After Hurricane Katrina, the insurance department became concerned that companies were reducing their risk by selling policies without wind coverage, or with higher hurricane deductibles, without passing on adequate premium savings to their customers.

Essentially, the department was concerned that insurers were still charging people for risk that was not on their books…

What Louisiana has done will make it more affordable for people to live in the high risk areas of the State. Continue reading “Allstate forced to give discount if wind excluded –”

Stalled Multi Peril Insurance Bill to Get New Push in the Senate

The GOP senatorial contingent from Mississippi and Louisiana are making a renewed push to add optional wind coverage to the National Flood Insurance Program reauthorization bill, S. 2884, currently stalled in the Senate Banking Committee. Michael Newsome at the Sun Herald has the story which uses Senator Wicker as his primary source.

Sen. Roger Wicker said Wednesday he and others are trying to mount another charge to get a multiperils insurance coverage plan to a vote in the Senate, where the measure has stalled.

The multiperils bill, championed by U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor, has passed the House. It would expand the National Flood Insurance Program to cover damage from wind and other damaging conditions associated with catastrophic weather events. Continue reading “Stalled Multi Peril Insurance Bill to Get New Push in the Senate”