It’s the Dog’s Fault: State Farm & the New Fido Defense to Claims Dumping

State Farm has utterly failed in their transparent attempts to character assassinate Todd Graves, Chip Robertson and Tony DeWitt. Their forays into the sex lives of the Rigsby sisters has failed to shut them up. So what’s next? That’s right ladies and gents, lets blame the claims dumping allegations on Kerri Rigsby’s dog. Here at slabbed we’ve coined a new term for this new and stunningly brilliant legal strategy. Henceforth it is now know as the Fido defense. Mr Claimsguy do you think this dog will actually hunt?

David Rossmiller expounds this new legal theory asserting State Farm’s innocence best:

The money collected, however, appears from the testimony not to have gone directly to Kerri Rigsby but into an account for something called Payton Properties — recall that Payton is the name of her dog, and recall also that there exists an 8 by 10 photo of the dog that was produced at the deposition.  The account, it seems, was not for the dog, however, despite the name of the company. It was, however, named after the dog, of this we can be sure.

No doubt State Fram policyholders paid a pretty penny for the professional photos of Kerri’s pooch.

Owners of this mutual company stand to lose far more when this case is heard and the serious allegations that State Farm looted the Federal Treasury are fully fleshed out.


6 thoughts on “It’s the Dog’s Fault: State Farm & the New Fido Defense to Claims Dumping”

  1. Fido Defense – good thinking Sop – fits with the idea of throwing bones instead of putting evidence on the table. If State Farm did nothing illegal, what’s all the barking about?

  2. Lecky King has a grandaughter named Peyton. You don’t think? Lets drag everyone into this thing.

  3. We don’t have to stoop to that level Mr Duesouth. That is what makes us better than the alleged perpetrators, and their shills and hypsters.

    You know the old saying, every dog has it’s day. Our Qui Tam posts and page has been one heck of a hit as has this post.

    Woof woof.


  4. Leckey King’s granddaughter’s name is also Payton. Don’t think she’d appreciate lawyers popping an 8X10 glossy of the child during a depo. Please! They could have just asked the question. What drama queens!

  5. Welcome to slabbed msms. There was a bunch of gratitious stuff they could have left out. It’s the way these big companies grind you down in litigation. I don’t condone it but you expect it out of the lawyers – but not out of the peanut gallery.

    State Farm better come up with some real defenses if they plan to prevail in Qui Tam. The Fido defense is a real dog.


  6. No one seems to be considering what these depositions must have been like for the Rigsby sisters – it had to be beyond awful. I can read that in the transcripts but”What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – so ironically State Farm’s grilling actually strengthened the Rigsby sisters and prepared them for this point.

    But you’re right msms, no one would appreciate having a picture of someone they care about – grandchild or dog – introduced during a deposition.

    It intimidation for sure, let’s a person know they’re being watched – makes them feel unsafe.

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