Meet the Rigsby sisters but don’t forget your parte manners

Cori and Keri Rigsby are Under Pressure¬†and it’s not a pretty story to tell. Anita Lee tells it well in today’s Sun Herald.

The Rigsbys have lost their careers and insurance company friends. Corporate attorneys have grilled them under oath, several times each, about their personal lives, tax returns and travel expenses.

Their former employer, the independent adjusting firm E.A. Renfroe, is suing them for money they say they do not have.

Cori Rigsby has been forced to put her house on the market. She can no longer afford it. Kerri Rigsby’s wedding is on hold because she does not want her fianc√© saddled with potential legal judgments.

Still, they say, their greatest regret is that events have allowed Renfroe and State Farm to twist their motives… Continue reading “Meet the Rigsby sisters but don’t forget your parte manners”