Over the wire or under the wig

While I do not intend to write Blogwigging for Dummies, it is important to address the Judge Mills-said-what reaction and talk more about how blog comments could be considered ex parte.

There were two news stories reporting on the panel discussion on judicial ethics held earlier this week at the University of Mississippi School of Law – one in the Daily Mississippian and one that appeared later in the day in the the Oxford Eagle.

Panelist and folo moderator NMC provided additional confirmation in his comment to the blog’s post Earwiggers – Us?

In context, I think what Judge Mills meant is that he believes there is anonymous commentary out there that is written by people who have an ax to grind and are trying to persuade courts. Basically, he thinks some of the anonymous stuff comes from one side or the other, and thinks it’s improper for a side in a case to use blog commentary in that way.

Another making comment on the thread also wrote a post on his own blog that provides context for Judge Continue reading “Over the wire or under the wig”

Politics and Grass Lawn Part 3: Blame the Secretary

I read today’s new story on the continuing fallout from the Grass Lawn debacle and came away thinking that Brian Carriere just doesn’t get it. His recent votes and mayorial ambitions are not the fault of 13 year city council clerk Kathy Johnson. Carriere is a big boy and he needs to start acting like one instead of a spoiled brat who has been outed.  Better yet maybe someone close to Mr Carriere can explain to him he was elected to the City Council to work for the betterment of the City rather than indulge his political ambition.

Anyone else notice Barbara Nalley is suspiciously MIA. That’s right Mr. Carriere you’re their bagholder.

Here is Ryan LaFontaine’s continuing coverage of Carriere’s path to political self destruction:

City Councilman Brian Carriere sent out a scathing e-mail Thursday threatening to fire a council clerk whom he believes has been floating rumors about his political future.

 Kathy Johnson, a council clerk who has been at City Hall for more than a decade, was the focus of the e-mail. Continue reading “Politics and Grass Lawn Part 3: Blame the Secretary”

Brother Bruce Made Us Blush

I saw the incoming link and immediately checked out our “Katrina Brother” and Editilla Extraordinaire Bruce at the New Orleans News Ladder. Thanks for the very kinds words Bro.

~Editilla slabbin’begs ta’diffa~
slabbed, when uncoupled wit’da the verbage of Johnny Dangerously, takes on yet a whole nnnnuther meaning…that of getting “Forkin’Forked up!” or “Forked down, Mon.”
But for yer oh’so humble Editorilla, CEO of “Nouns-Are-Us”, it has become much more than the lower-case name of a simple blog,
but a fine woid to describe
da’State of da’Forkin Blog’Fugee Parrrt’ay Today!
Light, Tight and Ready to Fight!
Quiche Capiche? Sinn Féin, Noble Slabbers!

Sinn Féin indeed. I hoist my Harp to that!


The Allstate Challenge Part 3: Lets Try to Buy Off Florida

Thanks to Huntbones on Yahoo Allstate for the heads up to the St Petersburg Times story. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation is having problems getting Allstate to fully comply with their subpoena. Rather than hand over the docs Allstate tries to buy off Governor Christ. Tom Zucco and Jennifer Liberto tell the story:

Hammered by the courts and threatened with a crackdown by Florida’s insurance commissioner, Allstate Corp. quietly offered the state millions to let the company off the hook and retract a pending order that would stop the insurance giant from selling new policies in Florida, state officials say.

Gov. Charlie Crist confirmed the Allstate offer was floated recently, and he promptly rejected it. Allstate officials said late Thursday that no offer had been made. Continue reading “The Allstate Challenge Part 3: Lets Try to Buy Off Florida”