Old Man River Rolled to 57.03 Today in Natchez

A blogger calling herself bellesouth couldn’t be from any where other than Natchez – belle took this beautiful picture of the Mississippi from Under-the-Hill where the river has reached Silver Street.

She sent it along with these data on Historical Crests to compare to today’s high of 57.03 at 3:00am this morning.

On February 21, 1937, the Mississippi crested at 58.04 – the highest on record- followed by a crest at 56.70 on May 13, 1973.

When she took this picture around 3:30 this afternoon, the River had dropped to 56.93 but still higher than 1973.

belle sent a second picture just as I was about to hit publish – this is a look down Silver Street from where she was standing when she took the picture of the River.

Thank you belle – we love pictures and these are great.

You’ll get your very own Natchez picture page – just not tonight!

3 thoughts on “Old Man River Rolled to 57.03 Today in Natchez”

  1. Thanks Nowdy! I have taken a lot of pictures but I thought the picture above shows how mighty the Mighty Mississippi is!

  2. Oh, I wanted to post a link to Photos of the Flood from the Natchez Democrat here. Maybe these photos will help people understand what a flood really is. Fortunately, we haven’t had any casualties here. There was a badly decomposed body found but they weren’t sure from whence it came. May Illinois?

  3. It did show the “might” belle but even then its just a beautiful picture.

    I enjoyed reading the wiki on the river. Hope folks are taking a look.

    Thanks again and keep snapping – when I tried to look up some of the antebellum homes in Natchez, I found a real lack of good pictures. We could post on your soon to be Natchez page…not interested in any with hoop skirts btw –

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