Still a “big Mac” but Judge Senter took a bite

The “big Mac”, of course is McIntosh v State Farm and the bite Judge Senter, according to the Holbrook Mohr story in the Sun Herald was this Opinion dismissing claims of fraud – seemingly a logical outcome of disqualifying the evidence and testimony of the Rigsby sisters.

Senter’s partial summary judgment dismisses claims of fraud against the Bloomington, Ill.-based insurer and allegations of “aiding and abetting” fraud on the part of Renfroe.

“Plaintiffs contend that State Farm, acting through Renfroe and Forensic (Analysis & Engineering Corporation) deliberately underestimated the amount of wind damage the insured property sustained in order to minimize its liability under the plaintiffs’ homeowners policy,” Senter wrote. “While this allegation, if sustained, would support a finding of bad faith, it is not sufficient to support an allegation of fraud.”

“It follows that Renfroe cannot have ‘aided and abetted’ a fraud that did not occur,” the ruling said.

Senter, however, left plenty of room on the McIntosh plate to prove bad faith and claim punitive damage – so, expect Sop to add the Coke and fries and deliver an extra value meal of good information and more food for thought.

and right there in the Mississippi Law Journal it said…(Updated)

After Katrina, several insurance companies exploited the weak government oversight of insurance practices to defraud property owners and taxpayers…and saddled federal taxpayers with billions of dollars of repair and building costs that should have been paid for by insurance.

Read Federal Insurance Reform after Katrina in the Special Katrina Edition of the Mississippi Law Journal.

The author? United States Congressman Gene Taylor represents the Fourth Congressional District of Mississippi.

Oh, I forgot to mention – Congressman Taylor was slabbed by Katrina.

This cowboy has a hat – and he shoots straight in this great new resource. More from Sop to follow.

Sop here. Something wonderful is happening today. I am receiving emails from across the country such as the one I got this morning linking us to Rep. Taylor’s article. We have a news story out of Pennsylvania to cover, a link to a False Claims Act scholarly article out of Chicago plus just simple words of encouragment for presenting another side to this story. The response in terms of page views to Qui Tam Balance entry could set a single day record. I have some thoughts on Rep. Taylor’s article that I’ll share via update but for now I’ll leave our entry contribution as it is while the behind the scenes doings here at slabbed fully develop. To our new readers we bid welcome. To our new commenters dh, Beau and especially fellow coastie Duesouth we extend our warmest welcome.

Graves and Robertson Call out “Snake Farm”

Nowdy gave me a heads up on this link. I’ll let the story that appeared in yesterday’s Kansas City Star speak for itself.


Former U.S. attorney Todd Graves and former Missouri Supreme Court chief justice Chip Robertson are angrily denying charges of wrongdoing by State Farm Insurance in Hurricane Katrina-related litigation in Mississippi.

State Farm this month asked a federal judge to throw out a whistleblower lawsuit brought by clients of Graves and Robertson. Continue reading “Graves and Robertson Call out “Snake Farm””