Slabbed is the Place for Your Rigsby Qui Tam Balance

Slabbed is the place if you want to see Qui balance with Tam in the Rigsby sisters Qui Tam claim against State Farm.

Qui Tam is all about balance – the interest of the one who blows the whistle on a false claim against the government (the realtor) as well as the interest of the government.

Increasing and increasingly vicious attacks on the whistle blowing Rigsby sisters, Cori and Kerri, escalated to include their Qui Tam attorneys after USA v Scruggs was “out of the way” and the focus shifted to disqualifying the member firms of SKG reformed after Scruggs indictment as KLG as well as the Qui Tam Lawyers from Missouri who were never a part of the Scruggs or the KLG joint venture.

Slabbed is committed to balance and we work hard to provide it on every issue – so, if you’re looking for balance on the Rigsby’s Qui Tam case and justice for all, this is the place. Continue reading “Slabbed is the Place for Your Rigsby Qui Tam Balance”

“Pick your option” – just say no!

Rebecca Mowbray’s Sunday food for thought was so filling that it took some time to digest all that she had to say about the Treasury Secretary Paulson’s proposal to allow insurance providers the option of operating under a federal charter or state regulation – a concept embodied in various “pick your option” legislation before Congress such as HR 3200, the National Insurance Act.

The chief reason for my slow digestion, however, was Mowbray’s lead posed an absolutely horrifying thought –

In dealing with all the insurance problems that arose with Hurricane Katrina, would it have made a difference for Louisiana homeowners if a federal insurance regulator in Washington was calling the shots rather than a state insurance commissioner in Louisiana?

– although it’s hard to think it could be any worse than we had with the inmates running the asylum.

Other opposition to the concept of an optional national charter is more tactfully stated – publicly. Continue reading ““Pick your option” – just say no!”