Idealogy defeating reason

Since becoming Sop’s partner on slabbed, it’s been a continuing challenge to apply my background in health insurance to the post-Katrina issues of property insurance. Being uninsured can be hazardous to your health lightened my load today. is not just a luxury. It can be a matter of life and death.

While a lack of health insurance can literally be a matter of life and death, the meaning can be both literal and figurative when applied to property issues of property insurance – evident in the survey data collected in Ocean Springs as well as in the increase in suicides on the Coast – an increase similar to that I suspect will also surface in violent death rates and/or incidence of physical violence.

A better understanding of the interrelated nature of physical health and financial health – and the differences in the way these two different systems of insurance function – is fundamental to a solution for the current health care financing crisis and the growing crisis in the property insurance industry. Continue reading “Idealogy defeating reason”

Controversy Over S. 2884 Continues

Nowdy and I are lucky to have cyber friends like Mr CLS and Belle that help keep an eye out for insurance news we miss. Yesterday we missed big time on a Times Picayune story by Rebecca Mowbray on the behind the scenes politicking over the Senate version of Gene Taylor’s HR 3121, S. 2284 but thanks to Mr CLS we bring it to you today.

The issues involved in renewing the National Flood Insurance Program are simple. Differences in the House and Senate version center on adding actuarially sound wind coverage, increasing the coverage limits and the rate of premium increases for vacation homes and homes that suffer repeated claims.  Wind coverage is the main fly in the ointment to reaching a compromise. Continue reading “Controversy Over S. 2884 Continues”

Patsy Brumfield – the real deal

Patsy Brumfield can take care of herself. However, after writing countless words about people I don’t know, it didn’t seem right not to do a sentence paragraph or two about one that I do – if for no other reason that to point out she’s more than just a reporter whose stepped in the biggest bunch of bull Mike Moore had ever heard.
By title, she’s the news editor of the Daily Journal – living a good distance from where she grew up but by no means as far as she could go. We lose so many of our best and brightest to bigger and better opportunities in other states that we often fail to celebrate the talents of those who chose to live among us. Continue reading “Patsy Brumfield – the real deal”