Judge Mills moo-ves trial date for USA v Moultrie to August 25

Due to the multiple defendants and the complicated nature of the prosecution, Northern District Chief Judge Michael P. (Mike) Mills said it was unreasonable to expect adequate preparation time for the May date USA v Moultrie was set for trial. The Daily Journal reported Mills agreed with defense and government requests when he provided slightly over three months of additional time for preparation.

Indicted March 25 were Facilities Management Group of Smyrna, Ga., which operates under several different names, and three of its executives – Nixon Cawood Jr., 58, Robert Moultrie, 67, and Charles Morehead, 57.

They are accused in a 16-count conspiracy “to corruptly influence and reward a public official” and to scheming to defraud numerous people, entities and the state of Mississippi in connection with the beef plant constructed in Yalobusha County.

I suppose what makes the prosecution so complex is the beef plant closed and their candidate lost – certainly not what one would expect from a successful businessman like Moultrie given his ties to the Chamber of Commerce.

Gulfport Library on Tomorrow’s City Council Agenda

DLP sent me an email asking to publicize tomorrow’s City Council meeting where a vote will be held to rescind the demolition of the old Gulfport Library.  The post which describes the events leading up to tomorrow’s vote is here. This issue merits further public discussion and input. Vote with your feet and show the City leaders you care about this issue. Be there tomorrow at 2:30PM.