State Farm grasping at straws in response to Qui Tam?

Would Jethro Bodine be able to figure out no one in the trailer on March 11, 2006, was watching the Beverly Hillbillies?

Read Toot, Toot Judge Senter – hear that whistle blowing – a Sop and Nowdy tag team post – and see if you agree with us

Those who would so easily dismiss the Cori and Kerri Rigsby as document theives are misguided…

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I’m adding this here as the other post is too long. I saw this AP story on yesterday’s developments thanks to our friends over at the New Orleans News Ladder. Our blogroll just grew by one.  🙂  sop

Toot, Toot Judge Senter – hear that whistle blowing? (A Nowdy/Sop Tag team Post)

State Farm just needed Judge Senter’s DQ to launch an all out attack on the Rigsby sister’s Qui Tam. Answer Authorities Motion to Dismiss Motion to Disqualify Counsel Motion for Summary Judgement Support

Those interested in knowing more about Qui Tam law will find a helpful overview here. Those interested in finding out what really happened in that trailer will have to wait to read what attorneys for the Rigsby sister’s file for the definitive answer – or visit here and read more about the latest fantasy.

I have tried to picture in my mind what was going on there: was everyone huddled around looking at claims files on a laptop, gazing with wide open eyes at the wonder of it all? Was everyone present at once? Were some people off in a corner watching reruns of the Beverly Hillbillies, drinking a Pepsi and paging through Oprah’s latest magazine?

Obviously, this is no ordinary FEMA trailer fantasy! Continue reading “Toot, Toot Judge Senter – hear that whistle blowing? (A Nowdy/Sop Tag team Post)”

LA Supremes drive their “chevy to the levee” – Sher comes up dry (Updated)

In deciding Sher – the suit filed by 92-year-old Holocaust survivor Joseph Sher – the Louisiana Supreme Court relied on Webster to determine the cause of property damage when the levees failed following Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately for Sher, it was Noah the lexicographer and not Daniel, the great compromiser.

“Contrary to the court of appeal’s reasoning, this definition (of flood) does not change or depend on whether the event is a natural disaster or a man-made one — in either case, a large amount of water covers an area that is usually dry,” the court opinion said.

The Times-Picayune reported the more about the decision released today in the full story.

The Louisiana Supreme Court today dealt a final blow to the argument that homeowners insurance policies should have covered the damages caused by levee breaches during Hurricane Katrina, saying the disaster was clearly a “flood” that’s excluded from coverage. Continue reading “LA Supremes drive their “chevy to the levee” – Sher comes up dry (Updated)”

A Quick Shout Out

In my hobby world of investing, considering alternative viewpoints is crucial to success. While Katrina and the resulting litigation has been a frequent topic for national discussion, one of the reasons I began blogging was the story…..our story was not being conveyed from a local perspective.

Understanding Katrina and the totality of it’s aftermath requires living the experience. Understanding the litigation means there is no substitute for being present and accounted for as Mr Richard Trahant, the attorney for the Weiss family pointed out here. Unfortunately the alternative viewpoints of those who were slabbed by Katrina became lost in the shuffle on the national stage, often dismissed as fringe or emotional as well exhibited by “Thick” yesterday against the well reasoned alternative viewpoint of “Coastboy” in an insurance industry law blog.

Against that backdrop I was most honored to have yesterday’s Allstate Challenge post featured in Ms Vickie Pynchon’s Negotiation Law Blog. Her reply to the comment I left there was both excellent and even handed in my opinion. I urge our readers to pay Ms Pynchon’s entry a visit. Continue reading “A Quick Shout Out”