Speaking of Fat Mama’s, have you read Brown v Nutt?

Sop says he’s “really busy” – tax time and all that – so he hopes I “don’t mind posting today’s update on Brown v Nutt” – like I don’t know he’s ROTFLHAO at the thought of me trying to compose one of my “straight news posts” about the Exhibits submitted with the latest response from the defense.

No problem, Sop, I’ll just link folks to Legal News Line so they can read the first part of the email mail message and insert the rest of the Maria Brown version of the 2007 Tax Code as a quote:

10-12″ Luxury Tax $300.00
8-10″ Pole Tax $250.00
5-8″ Privilege Tax $150
3-5″ Nuisance Tax $30.00

Readers who don’t want to put the two parts together can just download the Exhibits and read it all on page 37 – that’s as far as I was able to read without thinking that you were going to owe me a case of Fat Mama’s and some sweet potatoes for this post!

I’m cutting this short – so to speak – to set up a new page under Legal – leaving you and our readers to decide if the good neighbor isn’t a bit of a peeping Tom for including Maria Brown in their effort to disqualify KLG.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Fat Mama’s, have you read Brown v Nutt?”

  1. LOL Nowdy I’m not that hard up though Ms Brown’s emails are very salacious. I have several thoughts such as who put Maria Brown up to making those allegations, not only the ones involving sexual harassment but the bogus ones that hurt people who lost there houses down here and were screwed by their insurance companies after? Anyone with a scintilla of common sense now understands what we are dealing with in Maria Brown.

    Like I said on the Clarion Ledger earlier the stench and most likely the money leads back to State Farm and/or their lawyers, who were more than happy to make Ms Brown one of the center pieces of their dishonest last attempt to have the Katrina Litigation Group disqualified from the McIntosh litigation.

    So while others try to think up excuses for Ms Brown such as the one floating about on Folo that the emails were made up concoctions that somehow made it past the highly ethical and thought of lawyers at Brunini, others are left with the unmistakable conclusion that Maria Brown is an undersexed woman after money. And when she was let go by Nutt and McAlister she was determined to take what she didn’t earn through legalized extortion.

    Frankly this part of the Katrina legal saga makes me sick to my stomach. I hope Ms Brown is made to answer for what she has done.


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